Album Review – Skulldozer / Non Stop Ruthless Crushing (2023)

Behold the debut effort by this ruthless American beast, showcasing a unique heaviness that’s firmly rooted in the old school but stands out in the current stream of Death Metal.

Blasting a visceral and crushing form of Death Metal since their inception back in 2020 in Texas, but currently located in Long Beach, a city located in Harrison County, Mississippi, in the United States, Skulldozer will smash your cranial skull with their newborn spawn, entitled Non Stop Ruthless Crushing. Combining elements of traditional Death Metal and modern melodic Sludge Metal, the band comprised of Jason Ramsay on vocals and guitars, Keith Dobson on lead guitars, Mike Spurlock on bass, and Joel Stepp on drums has truly captured a unique heaviness that’s firmly rooted in the old school but stands out in the current stream of Death Metal, delivering a ten-song offering of powerful and catchy, classic Death Metal that worships at the altar of righteous headbanging.

The title-track Non Stop Ruthless Crushing will darken your soul and crush you like an insect from the very first second, with Jason’s deep guttural walking hand in hand with the venomous riffage by the same Jason and Keith; whereas Joel sounds like a stone crusher in the vile Thy Enemies Driven Before Me, again showcasing the band’s passion for all things Death Metal, sounding visceral and heavy until the end. Kingdom Ossuarium is a neck-breaking, mid-tempo black mass by the quartet spearheaded by the inhumane roars by Jason while Mike hammers his bass mercilessly, and blasting sheer heaviness and hatred it’s time for Hatesworn Shitstorm, one of the most crushing songs of the album with Joel stealing the spotlight with his demonic beats. After that, get ready for two and a half minutes of absolute chaos and insanity titled Scum Beneath the Skin, offering brutal and technical Death Metal for the masses with Jason and Keith kicking ass with their riffs and solos.

Adding hints of obscure Doom Metal to their already damned sonority, the band fires Wolves Amongst Sheeple, showcasing another round of their headbanging riffs and fulminating beats, and more of their old school Death Metal sounds comes in the form of Bastards of Zeus, where not a single second is left empty, overflowing obscurity, rage and heaviness led by the pounding drums by Joel. Then in Bow to None the band alternates between faster moments and pure heaviness with Jason growling deeply during the entire song, supported by Joel’s crushing beats and Mike’s rumbling bass, whereas Deathblessed keeps the album at a high level of animosity, albeit a bit generic if compared to the rest of the album, while once again bringing elements from classic doom. Finally, those American death metallers offer our avid ears the infernal Skullfucking Domination, where the entire band is on fire, in special Joel with his demolishing beats, and with Jason vociferating rabidly in the name of extreme music.

If you want to show your support to this newborn beast named Skulldozer, you can start following them on Facebook and on Instagram for news, more of their music and so on, subscribe to their YouTube channel, and above all that, grab your copy of Non Stop Ruthless Crushing from their own BandCamp page as well as from the Guts and Blood Records’ BandCamp page. Skulldozer are among us to stay based on the high quality of the music found in their extremely vile debut album, and if I were you I would start warming up your neck for some unstoppable headbanging as soon as those guys hit the road with their venomous and demonic Death Metal.

Best moments of the album: Hatesworn Shitstorm, Scum Beneath the Skin and Skullfucking Domination.

Worst moments of the album: Deathblessed.

Released in 2023 Guts and Blood Records/Rotten Records

Track listing
1. Non Stop Ruthless Crushing 4:35
2. Thy Enemies Driven Before Me 4:01
3. Kingdom Ossuarium 4:59
4. Hatesworn Shitstorm 3:58
5. Scum Beneath the Skin 2:30
6. Wolves Amongst Sheeple 4:42
7. Bastards of Zeus 3:47
8. Bow to None 5:05
9. Deathblessed 6:33
10. Skullfucking Domination 4:03

Band members
Jason Ramsay – vocals, guitars
Keith Dobson – lead guitars
Mike Spurlock – bass
Joel Stepp – drums


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