The Metal Moose Show – Episode 2015-02-24

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On The Metal Moose Show this week (not necessarily in this order):

1. Dreamgrave – Last Drop Falls
2. Dead In Seconds – Dead In Seconds
3. Shades Of Glory – Lobotomy
4. Sectas – Destiny
5. Kill For Mother – Unrecognized
6. Kill For Mother – Death Of Texas
7. Throne Of Eden – House Of Fate
8. Knights Of Remnant – Warriors
9. Edge Of Paradise – Breakaway
10. Convictor – Angel Of Impurity
11. Lick – Sweet Regret
12. Hell Came Home – Dead To Me
13. New Tattoo – Certified
14. Prison Of Shadows – Dream Crusher
15. 5 Billion And Counting – 1%
16. The Violet Hour – Insatiable
17. Forshadow – The Meaning Of Life
18. Area Of Effect – Depths Of Eternity
19. Romantic Rebel – Believe
20. Of Burning Empires – Dead Skin

Click HERE to listen to this week’s episode on Spreaker or HERE to listen to it on Mixcloud.

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