IMG_0768Welcome to THE HEADBANGING MOOSE, your Toronto-based 100% independent Heavy Metal webzine! No strings attached to record labels, bands or anything else: this webzine is a TRIBUTE to all things METAL, from album and concert reviews to interviews and movies related to Rock N’ Roll, Hard Rock, and of course, PURE FUCKIN’ METAL. Furthermore, The Headbanging Moose is a HUGE supporter of all independent bands in the world, as we truly believe they are the ones who will keep the fire of heavy music burning in the years to come.

Although I’m not a musician nor have ever been, I’ve been listening to and living Rock N’ Roll and Heavy Metal since I was a little kid, from The Beatles and Queen (while helping my father wash his car) to really heavy stuff such as Cannibal Corpse and Skeletowitch. Due to that profound passion for all types of heavy music, this webzine was born and became my “little baby”, something I’m really proud of and something I’ll be more than happy to take care of, never giving it up nor selling it out to the commercial side of the music industry.

iron-maiden-team-canada-1As many headbangers in Canada and all over the rest of the world, my favorite bands of all time are Heavy Metal giants Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Slayer, but I also love Helloween, Megadeth, Stratovarius, Pantera, Cradle of Filth, Rage, Exodus, Gamma Ray, Primal Fear, Arch Enemy, among many, many other unique heavy music icons. Moreover, I’ve dedicated the past decade to discover and enjoy new (and not so new) bands from all genres and subgenres of Metal from all over the world that, in my opinion, are the future of heavy music such as Amon Amarth and Crucified Barbara from Sweden; Volbeat from Denmark; Trivium from the United States; Chthonic from Taiwan; The Agonist from Canada; Lordi from Finland; Airbourne from Australia; Matanza from Brazil, and so on. Today I might be listening to Fear Factory, tomorrow to Steel Panther, the next day to Tristania, if not all on the same day.

However, if there’s one thing that pumps me up more than heavy music, it’s LIVE heavy music. I really love seeing my favorite bands playing live! For instance, I’ve already seen Iron Maiden 16 times in 7 different countries, including the epic concert at Rock In Rio III in 2001 (you can read more about my passion for Iron Maiden here), but I still go crazy like a kid when I see Steve, Bruce & Co. kicking some serious ass on stage. And it doesn’t matter which band is playing, if it doesn’t make me lose my voice and feel that crazy pain in the neck the next day, then it wasn’t a good concert.

Last but not least, why is this webzine called The Headbanging Moose and not The Headbanging Beaver, one might ask, as the beaver is Canada’s national animal? The answer to this question is so easy that I’ll let you think about it for just one second: which animal is more ferocious, heavier and stronger, eh!?

For those about to ROCK… WE SALUTE YOU!

Gustavo Scuderi

“Bang your head
Until you reach the end
Bang your head
And don’t look back… 

Bang your head
And never turn it down
Bang your head
Bad guys wear black…

Bad Guys Wear Black, by Primal Fear

In case you have any comments or questions, or if you would like to have your band’s new album reviewed by The Headbanging Moose, please feel free to send us a message through the CONTACT US page.

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