Album Review – Throat Locust / Dragged Through Glass EP (2023)

A newborn Texas-based outfit will attack your senses with the merciless Death Metal from their debut effort, emerging straight out of the impending doom.

Formed in 2022 and influenced by classic Florida Death Metal, but seasoned with Bolt Thrower and Pantera’s Texas groove, Corpus Christi, Texas-based Death Metal outfit Throat Locust seeks to create extreme music with a broad appeal, producing merciless Death Metal that emerges straight out of the impending doom as it can be seen in their debut EP, entitled Dragged Through Glass. Formed of Gil Perez on vocals, Eric Calvert and Alex Gregory on the guitars, Adrian Cavazos on bass, and Rob Cantu on drums, the band has been focusing on refining their brutal sound and preparing to start cracking skulls in a basements of the touring circuit armed with their newborn opus, showcasing an epic insight into the quintet’s heavy realms and, therefore, being highly recommended for admirers of Obituary, Bolt Thrower, Dismember and Gatecreeper, among several others.

The dirty, raw riffs by Eric and Alex ignite the infuriated Death Metal tune entitled Death Lurker, preparing the stage for Gil to roar like a demonic beast in a straightforward, in-your-face metal attack with no shenanigans nor any artificial elements. Then we have Corruption & Greed, even more demented than the opening song, with the band taking their heaviness and rage to a whole new level while Rob keeps hammering his drums in the name of classic Death Metal, always supported by the solid bass lines by Adrian. In other words, I would love to hear more of this version of Throat Locust in their future releases. Lastly, closing the EP it’s time for a headbanging feast named Axe Grinder, offering more of the band’s brutalizing music with Gil once again barking and growling deeply while Eric and Alex pierce our ears with their razor-edged riffs and solos.

In a nutshell, the pulverizing Dragged Through Glass, which will soon be available on Spotify and also on sale from the band’s own BandCamp page, from Apple Music and from Amazon, represents exactly what the band itself explained about their music, being violent yet melodic, raw yet groovy, working as a great start to the new path being paved by Throat Locust. Hence, don’t forget to get in touch with those talented Texans through Facebook and Instagram, or simply click HERE for all things Throat Locust. Both the name of the band and of the EP already tell you that the music is going to be brutal, which is exactly Throat Locust’s goal, and they more than succeeded in their quest for violence throughout the EP’s 12 minutes of music. Needless to say, I can’t wait to see what’s next for those guys when they’re able to release a full-bodied album in the near future.

Best moments of the album: Corruption & Greed.

Worst moments of the album: None.

Released in 2023 Independent

Track listing
1. Death Lurker 4:31
2. Corruption & Greed 3:27
3. Axe Grinder 4:41

Band members
Gil Perez – vocals
Eric Calvert – lead guitars
Alex Gregory – rhythm guitars
Adrian Cavazos – bass
Rob Cantu – drums

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