The Metal Moose Show – Episode 2016-02-25

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On The Metal Moose Show this week:

1. Dark Ascent – Fear
2. Stalking Madness – Ava
3. Pool Of Thorns – Damaged
4. An Ocean Between Us – Live Together Die Alone
5. A Darker Day – Sweet Release
6. Circlewitch – Wings
7. Border Wars – The Present Day
8. Barren Earth – Frozen Processions
9. Atisa – The Dilemma
10. As December Falls – Cross My Heart
11. Burning Icarus – Rise
12. Killcode – Kicking Screaming
13. Killing Grace – Untouchable
14. As Oceans – The Black Bird
15. As Darkness Dies – Black Death
16. Heaven The Axe – Sex, Chugs, Rock N Roll
17. Bent To Break – Terrible
18. Sorrow Plagues – Fade
19. None The Less – 3
20. Gross Reality – Generation 36
21. id. – Sagittarius A

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