Album Review – Defechate / Unbounded (2022)

The experiences and new ideas of a ruthless Death Metal duo from Italy pushed inside an infernal musical grinder, highlighting some aspects of the evil inherent in humans.

Playing Death Metal with feet sunk in the old school domain with the gaze turned to their own influences, the ruthless Italian entity that goes by the name of Defechate is unleashing hell in the form of their first full-length opus, entitled Unbounded. Recorded and mixed at Perish Studios, mastered at Netherworld Studio, and featuring a sick artwork by Sidjimbe Art, Unbounded collects the experiences and new ideas of vocalist and bassist Giuseppe Tatangelo (Antipathic, Glacial Fear, Throne of Flesh, Unscriptural, Zora) and guitarist Luke Scurb (Humangled, Suture Messiah), and pushes everything inside an infernal musical grinder, highlighting some aspects of the evil inherent in humans and, therefore, turning the album into a great alternative for fans of Cannibal Corpse, Autopsy, Entombed, Vomitory and Obituary who also nurture a deep passion for the underground scene.

Luke’s sinister riffs ignite the brutal Hyperammonaemic, featuring a guitar solo by guest Federico Fulceri (4-Dimensional Rage, Exence), with Giuseppe barking like a rabid dog in a Brutal Slammin’ Death Metal feast for the masses; and more of the visceral roars by Giuseppe accompanied by his own low-tuned, rumbling bass are the main ingredients in Naked Thoughts, with Luke slashing his stringed axe nonstop. Then enhancing the progressiveness and dementia in their core sonority it’s time for the duo to hammer our heads with Burning Like The Water, with guest drummer Nephros dictating the song’s infernal pace, whereas putting the pedal to the metal they deliver a sonic attack entitled Unexpected Denier, where the strident riffage by Luke walks hand in hand with the vicious bass punches by Giuseppe. Then featuring guests Fred Valdaster (Humangled) on drums and Paolo Olivier on the guitar, Giuseppe fires Stygian bass lines in the massive, violent Repent To The Dead, keeping the album at a humungous level of insanity.

Oxydized Man is another infernal extravaganza by the duo showcasing their trademark guttural gnarls and demented Death Metal riffs. It lacks an extra kick, though, but it’s still heavy and obscure. Then wicked voices and gruesome vociferations kick off the Death Metal feast Epicurean Herd, once again presenting the duo’s demented but at the same time progressive sounds, with Giuseppe sounding possessed on vocals; whereas investing in a more direct, no-shenanigans sonority the duo brings forward the vicious The Unbound Storm, where Giuseppe is on fire with both his deep growls and metallic bass lines, followed by Just Falling Leaves, a lecture in Brutal Death Metal by Defechate where Luke is absolutely infernal with his sick riffs, inviting us all to slam into the pit like true metalmaniacs while sounding pulverizing and dense from start to finish. Lastly, there’s fuel for one final deranged attack by Defechate titled II Signore Del Disordine, bringing forward an awesome job done by both Giuseppe and Luke with their sonic weapons, therefore providing Giuseppe with all he needs to vomit the song’s acid words.

The insanity and heaviness found in Unbounded can be appreciated in full on Spotify, but of course in order to support the underground and keep the fires of Death Metal burning you should definitely purchase the album from the band’s own BandCamp page, from the Great Dane Records’ BandCamp page or webstore, from Apple Music, from Amazon or from Discogs, and don’t forget to also follow Giuseppe and Luke on Facebook, on Instagram and on YouTube. As aforementioned, the musical grinder by such demented Italian duo is working at full speed crushing everything and everyone that crosses their path just the way we like it in Death Metal, with Unbounded being just the first step in their path of devastation.

Best moments of the album: Unexpected Denier, Just Falling Leaves and II Signore Del Disordine.

Worst moments of the album: Oxydized Man.

Released in 2022 Great Dane Records

Track listing
1. Hyperammonaemic 3:15
2. Naked Thoughts 2:56
3. Burning Like The Water 3:40
4. Unexpected Denier 3:47
5. Repent To The Dead 3:32
6. Oxydized Man 3:27
7. Epicurean Herd 3:16
8. The Unbound Storm 3:20
9. Just Falling Leaves 3:44
10. II Signore Del Disordine 3:20

Band members
Giuseppe Tatangelo – vocals, bass
Luke Scurb – guitars, synthesizer

Guest musicians
Fred Valdaster – drums on “Repent To The Dead”
Federico Fulceri – guitar solo on “Hyperammonaemic”
Paolo Olivier – additional guitars on “Repent To The Dead”
Nephros – drums on “Burning Like The Water”