The Metal Moose Show – Episode 2016-01-24

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On The Metal Moose Show this week:

1. The Apex – Glass Walls
2. Broken Oath – Broken Oath
3. Core Zero – Eyes Burn Red
4. Gravestone – Empty Words
5. Iniquitious – Father Opiate
6. Keychain – Shock Rock City
7. Lady Reaper – Spit It Out From Hell
8. Once Was Never – Razoring Woods
9. The Oath – Crimson Flesh
10. Relics Of Humanity – Ominously Reining Upon The Intangible
11. Widower – Unholy Force
12. Witches Of Doom – The Betrayal
13. Zero Minus One – Brilliant Disguise
14. Ashes To Angels – Find Hell
15. Entropia – Paradox
16. King Chrome – Menace To Society
17. Corners Of Sanctuary – Carry The Cross
18. Dauden – My Soul Will Be Damned Forever
19. Bouquet Of Dead Crows – Don’t Panic
20. Hooded Eagle – There Is No Good Left In This World

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