The Metal Moose Show – Episode 2015-05-12

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On The Metal Moose Show – Chicks That Rawk Special Edition this week:

1. Insatia – Sacred
2. Selene – Paradise Over
3. Rockstar Frame – She’s Hot
4. The Passion Of Our Souls – Everything
5. Call Of The Wild – Voyager
6. Forever Still – Awake
7. 8 Faces – Enough Of It
8. Razorwire Halo – A Defining Moment
9. Aveole – Do You Use A Knife
10. As Night Falls – Final Destination
11. Ascending Dawn – All In Now
12. Bleeding Tears – Brother Wolf
13. Blind Savior – Freedom Call
14. Fallen Symphony – Breathe Before Fall
15. Fate Prevailed – Blue Skies Run Red
16. Jacknife Seizure – Time Of The Trilobites
17. Riseback – Make You Real
18. Soul Shredder – The Enemy

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