The Metal Moose Show – Episode 2015-08-04

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On The Metal Moose Show this week:

1. Cut Throat Queens – Blaze
2. La Menade – Nero Caos
3. Crimson Sun – The Storm
4. Midguard – We Are The Destroyer
5. Leah – The Northern Edge
6. Splintered Halo – Bloodshed In Wonderland
7. Sarpentra – Iron Nails Run In
8. Sanguine Glacials – Timeless Pt.1
9. Infinite Series – Stars And Fortnights
10. Serpentarium – Condemned To Fall
11. Evolution Now – Let It Go
12. Poynte – Erase Me
13. Punch Cabbie – Atmosphere
14. Vengeance Within – For Honor
15. Winter Deluge – Fall To The Wyrm Of Time
16. Downfall 2012 – Divinity
17. Andromeda Theory – Massacres Of The Fallen
18. Game Zero – The City With No Ends
19. Setraline – Dead Set
20. Coffincraft – In Eerie Slumber
21. Reanimator – Tempted By Deviance
22. Black Plague – Black Plague

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