Album Review – Aschenvater / Landungsfeldmassaker EP (2021)

The battle of the drop site massacre rages on to the sound of the debut EP of raw and destructive Death Metal crafted by this up-and-coming German squad.


aschenvater-landungsfeldmassaker-ep-2021With a name inspired by the universe of Warhammer 40K, which also serves as content for their debut EP Landungsfeldmassaker, German Death Metal brigade Aschenvater is ready to kill armed with their raw and destructive sounds. Formed as a studio project in 2016 in Görlitz, a town in eastern Germany, on the Polish border, the band comprised of Oliver on vocals, Marko on the guitars and Marcus on bass plays old school Death Metal the likes of Bolt Thrower and Hail of Bullets, being therefore perfect for bringing the content and the energy of the lyrics together with the music. Recorded, mixed and mastered at Goliath Studio and displaying a stylish artwork, design and layout by Marco Thundergoat, the band’s first-ever EP deals with a battle on Istvaan V, the drop site massacre (“Landungsfeldmassaker”), alternating between low and high passages and thus supporting the unmistakable dynamic of the songs, all spiced up by their mother tongue German.

Dark and sinister sounds warns us all the battle is about to begin in the intro Der Beginn // Tag der Abrechnung (“the beginning // day of revenge”), exploding into visceral Death Metal in Sturmreif // Der Verräterkönig (“ready for the storm // the traitor king”), where Oliver roars like a demented creature accompanied by the razor-edged riffs by Marko and the rumbling bass by Marcus in a bestial display of what the trio is capable of. Investing in a doomed and Stygian sonority the band fires the hammering Im Feuersturm // Entfesselte Götter (“In the firestorm // gods unleashed”), with Marcus’ bass sounding even more menacing than before, and with the music evolving into sheer madness until the very last second. And a putrid, deep roar by Oliver kicks off the Death Metal feast Blut auf Schwarzem Sand // Im Todesrausch (“blood on black sand // in a death rush”), with his bandmates supporting his growls with their wicked riffs and bass lines while the drums bring their heavy artillery to the battlefield.

The sound of firing guns and bombs exploding are quickly joined by the band’s Bolt Thrower-inspired Death Metal in Massaker // Echos (“massacre // echoes”), inviting us all to break our necks headbanging to this obscure instrumental composition, suddenly morphing into the ruthless Death Metal onrush entitled Durch das Kadavermeer // Geschenke des Krieges (“through the sea of cadavers // gifts of war”), perfect for slamming into the circle pit while Oliver barks the song’s German words rabidly. Finally, it’s time to bleed in the battle zone with the guys from Aschenvater one last time in Verräter // Visionen der Hölle (“traitor // visions of hell”), another classic, old school Death Metal tune showcasing demonic beats and bass jabs, piercing riffs and gruesome vocals for our total delight.

aschenvater-2021The guys from Aschenvater are waiting to show you their Death Metal version of the Warhammer 40K universe armed with their debut EP Landungsfeldmassaker, and in order to join them in the battlefield you can start following the band on Facebook and on Instagram, and purchase a copy of the album from their own BandCamp page, or simply click HERE for other locations where you can buy or stream the album. The battle of the drop site massacre rages on with incredible severity, and the music blasted by Aschenvater in their debut EP perfectly represents the violence, the hatred and, of course, the blood spilled on the ground during such intense war.

Best moments of the album: Sturmreif // Der Verräterkönig and Verräter // Visionen der Hölle.

Worst moments of the album: None.

Released in 2021 Dead Center Productions

Track listing  
1. Der Beginn // Tag der Abrechnung 1:57
2. Sturmreif // Der Verräterkönig 3:40
3. Im Feuersturm // Entfesselte Götter 5:56
4. Blut auf Schwarzem Sand // Im Todesrausch 3:49
5. Massaker // Echos 3:33
6. Durch das Kadavermeer // Geschenke des Krieges 3:34
7. Verräter // Visionen der Hölle 4:47

Band members
Oliver – vocals
Marko – guitars
Marcus – bass

Guest musician
Jens – additional vocals on “Verräter”