Album Review – Inhuman Depravity / Nocturnal Carnage By The Unholy Desecrator (2015)

Let the depraved Death Metal by this Turkish group puncture your ears until your metallic brains splatter with rapture.


cover artworkWhen you put the words “inhuman” and “depravity” together in the same sentence, you know the final result is not going to be gracious at all. Add to that the intense sound of vicious Death Metal, and you get as a result Inhuman Depravity, an unstoppable Turkish metal act ideal for diehard fans of Dying Fetus, Morbid Angel, Suffocation and many other old school extreme bands, who will mercilessly crush you like an insect with their disturbing uproar.

Formed in Istanbul, Turkey in late 2013, probably in the depths of a dark and fetid catacomb or at an abandoned slaughterhouse teeming with rotting corpses, and after releasing their first demo a few months later based on the theme that gives the band’s name, “depravity”, it’s now time for those Turkish death metallers to release their debut full-length album, beautifully entitled Nocturnal Carnage By The Unholy Desecrator. And you better get ready, because things are about to get as gory as the most demented slasher movies you might have seen in your life.

With an intro that’s supposed to be a serial killer calling his lawyer and telling him about his killing spree in a mix of fear and madness, Exhuming The Creator For Own Expediency opens this excellent album like a demonic beast unleashed upon humanity, especially due to the deep and infuriated growls by vocalist Yunus Efe. Not only that, it feels like drummer Eren Gursoy wants to kill someone with his beats so sick they are. Do you think you can survive for over 30 minutes of this type of immoral music? Because their gory old school Death Metal attack keeps destroying our souls in Dismembered and Buried Instincts, with highlights to the pulverizing riffs by guitarist Murat Sabuncu while Eren adds lots of interesting breaks amidst his choleric drumming.

The next tune, Condemned To Monotheistics, reminds me of ancient Cannibal Corpse from the Chris Barnes-era due to the metallic bass lines by Kaan Yildar and the gruesome growls by Yunus. Besides, I was trying to find the lyrics to this song just to get more details on the message the band wanted to send to the listener, but unfortunately couldn’t find them anywhere. Well, who cares? Let’s just bark together with Yunus and enjoy the band’s bestiality, which is also the case in Rise of Vengeance By Bloody Torment, even faster and more diabolical than its predecessors. Kaan and Eren are on their “hulk mode”, and although it’s hard to keep up with their speed and malevolence you will love this song if you’re devoted to Death Metal to the second power.

band photoThe initial growl by Yunus in Apocalyptic Mass Murder Oath is a warning: this song is going to be absolutely fuckin’ brutal. It’s an amazing display of inhumanity, proving the name of the band was not chosen in vain, and I have no idea how the band members can be so in sync while playing such devastating music. The same can be said about the next track, Bloodthirst of Sinners, where the low-tuned bass lines and riffs give it an extra touch of darkness, making it the perfect soundtrack for a slaughter. This is the type of song that makes you wonder if any normal person can survive a nonstop circle pit to the sound of Inhuman Depravity. And just when you think there will be some moments of peace or silence they strike back with their extreme musicality in Carnivorous Offering, with highlights to the sick drum fills by the talented beast Eren and to the song’s beautiful and barbaric ending.

In Slain Dissection Abuse you realize they’re really trying to melt your brain with their music in a flawless exhibit of how cruelty, torture and gore can be translated into brutal and technical Death Metal. It’s my favorite of all tracks, where Murat and Eren once again steal the show with their combination of dark riffs and nonstop beats. And finally we have Salvation Through Bloodvomit, one of the “cutest” song names I’ve ever seen, ending the album on the same demonic level it started. Furthermore, Yunus is not simply snarling this time, he’s regurgitating the song’s putrescent lyrics inspired by the sonic warfare established by the rest of the band.

If you want to acquire this ruthless lecture in bloodshed and perdition, featuring a kick-ass artwork by Indonesian artist Rian Oktanto, go to the official Coyote Records Web Shop, to their Digital Store on BandCamp or to Big Cartel to grab your copy of Nocturnal Carnage By The Unholy Desecrator. Put differently (and in a much more lethal way), let the depraved Death Metal by Inhuman Depravity puncture your ears until your metallic brains splatter with rapture. This is what authentic Death Metal has always been about.

Best moments of the album: Exhuming The Creator For Own Expediency, Apocalyptic Mass Murder Oath and Slain Dissection Abuse.

Worst moments of the album: None.

Released in 2015 Coyote Records

Track listing
1. Exhuming The Creator For Own Expediency 4:01
2. Dismembered and Buried Instincts 3:16
3. Condemned To Monotheistics 3:36
4. Rise of Vengeance By Bloody Torment 3:36
5. Apocalyptic Mass Murder Oath 3:38
6. Bloodthirst of Sinners 3:09
7. Carnivorous Offering 3:05
8. Slain Dissection Abuse 3:41
9. Salvation Through Bloodvomit 3:44

Band members
Yunus Efe – vocals
Murat Sabuncu – guitars
Kaan Yildar – bass
Eren Gursoy – drums

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