The Metal Moose Show – Episode 2015-09-29

If you want to get more information about any of the bands featured at The Metal Moose Show, simply Google the band and/or the song name to find their official website and Facebook page and, more important than that, attend their live concerts and buy their music. Here at The Headbanging Moose you can also find detailed reviews of many other excellent underground bands. Support your local bands… AND FOLLOW THE MOOSE!

On The Metal Moose Show this week:

1. Black Eve – Iron And Blood
2. Ephyra – Flaming Tears
3. As Autumn Calls – Darkness Everlasting
4. Atten Ash – See You… Never
5. Sunlight – Back To Life
6. Weesp – Solar Empire
7. Colisions – We Know The Enemy
8. Cosmic Trigger – Voltaire
9. Foes Of The Fallen – Addiction
10. Grace Solero – Riptide
11. Hammer Persuasion – The Hidden Constant
12. Martyr – Different Kind Of Rain
13. Monumentomb – Ritual Exhumation
14. Fall Saves Grace – Her Psycho Circus
15. Blind Fire Rebels – Drowned In Flames
16. Mine Enemies Fall – Bow To The Pressure
17. Stormbringer – Unto Me
18. Vantablack Warship – From Silent Hauntings To Possessions
19. Blackthorne Elite – Reach For The Sky

Click HERE to listen to this week’s episode on Spreaker.

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