Album Review – The Glorious Rebellion / Euphoric EP (2016)

Long live the filthy, rowdy and uncompromised Sludge Rock and Metal brought forward by Mr. Billy Myers III and his depraved crew.


Glorious rebellion euphoricNineteen fuckin’ minutes. This is all that American Sludge Rock/Metal act The Glorious Rebellion needs to get into your head and crush your brain with the noisy and electrifying music found in their brand new release entitled Euphoric, a 6-track EP with witty song names, a badass attitude and large doses of distorted riffs and grumpy grunts, all led by the band’s talented mastermind Billy Myers III. Not only Euphoric is sure to appeal to fans of The Melvins, Ken Mode and Helmet, among others, but also to anyone whose heart is devoted to the most uproarious form of Rock N’ Roll on the entire planet.

Since its inception in 2014 in Orlando, Florida, the same city that also gave us the awesome Trivium and Death, the band has been on a roll performing to sold out shows in the United States (including venues such as Orlando’s House of Blues), as well as sharing the stage with important names to the scene such as Jucifer, The Phuss, Black Cobra and Hollow Leg, not to mention their solid agreement with the record label Magnetic Eye Records. It’s not difficult to understand how a “newborn” band like The Glorious Rebellion has been capable of all these accomplishments in such a short span of time when you listen to their music. It’s raw, aggressive, uncompromised and entertaining, all qualities that make true Rock N’ Roll what it is today.

A huge amount of noise and filth (basically all you need to generate some badass music) will be dumped inside your ears in the opening track It’s a Sucker’s Game, Kid, with Billy providing those short-tempered vocals and distorted riffs necessary in Sludge Metal. Emmett Brown Has Never Met a Scott That Wasn’t Great, which by the way has one of the best song names I’ve ever seen, is a kick-ass pub chant enhanced by its visceral riffs and pessimistic lyrics (“I owe money to all the right people and they don’t take blood for pay / My state of address is on the fashion don’t list but ain’t nobody got shit to say / We all root for the underdogs / We’re all banking on prayers / Everyone is dying and we’re all going down and we’re wasting time splitting hairs”); while Benaquyl offers the listener pure Sludge Rock, with drummer Wade Scianimanico doing a great job supporting Billy with his “ode to sleeplessness”. Put differently, it’s a rockin’ tune made to be played louder than hell with a neck-breaking rhythm and an unfriendly attitude. What else can you ask for?

Glorious rebellionIn the good Have I Told You Lately That I Loathe You?, a song about difficult relationships (“Stop right now we’re moving on / Ain’t worth gettin if it takes too long / Stop right now we’re calling it quits / If it ain’t easy then it ain’t worth gettin it”), The Glorious Rebellion offer more distortion and acidity to the listener, in special due to the rumbling sound of the bass guitar by Billy, followed by The Dirtiest Dream Jobs, where after a quick modernized intro the band returns to their primeval Sludge Rock and Metal, reminding me of the heaviest tunes by the iconic band Down (and pay attention to the demented guitar solo at the end, it’s totally worth your time). Last but not least, poetry and dissonance walk hand in hand in the best track of all, entitled Bitches Hate Misogyny, where Billy has an amazingly anguished performance mainly due to his growls, which match perfectly with the uproar generated by all other instruments. Well, it looks like Billy is going “straight to hell” after this tune, and all of us will probably join him there as well.

If you want to join this rebellious Rock N’ Roll crew and know more about their brazen music, go check their Facebook page and YouTube channel, and purchase Euphoric at the band’s BandCamp page. We all love the famous motto “Long Live Rock N’ Roll”, but if it lives through the dirty and rowdy music by this unabashed Sludge Rock and Metal group, things get even more exciting.

Best moments of the album: Emmett Brown Has Never Met a Scott That Wasn’t Great and Bitches Hate Misogyny.

Worst moments of the album: None.

Released in 2016 Magnetic Eye Records

Track listing
1. It’s a Sucker’s Game, Kid 2:57
2. Emmett Brown Has Never Met a Scott That Wasn’t Great 2:53
3. Benaquyl 2:13
4. Have I Told You Lately That I Loathe You? 3:48
5. The Dirtiest Dream Jobs 3:40
6. Bitches Hate Misogyny 3:36

Band members
Billy Myers III – lead vocals, guitars, bass
Dan Manata – backing vocals, harmonies
Wade Scianimanico – drums

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