Album Review – Bestial Warfare / Desecrating Goat Assault EP (2020)

A ruthless German Black and Death Metal brigade is ready to attack armed with their fulminating new opus, overflowing darkness, blasphemy and rage.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by (((CYPHX-AUDIO))), and displaying a Stygian artwork by Art of Sickness 666 and an old school logo by Cyanide Grave, the debut EP by German Black/Death Metal horde Bestial Warfare, entitled Desecrating Goat Assault, has everything a fan of the most demonic and obscure type of extreme music can ask for, following up on their critically acclaimed 2018 demo Genocide. Dealing with controversial themes such as war, darkness, blasphemy and death, the band formed in 2017 in Marburg, Hesse, a town north of Frankfurt, and currently comprised of Decius Christgrinding Hammerfist on guitar and vocals, Blashphemer Evocator Incinerator Mass on bass and vocals, and Death Tyrant of Satanic Vengeance on drums, takes no prisoners in their quest for violence and obscurity, with Desecrating Goat Assault perfectly representing everything this amazing underground German brigade stands for.

Tribal beats and a putrid stench of evil kick off the heavy-as-hell Impaled Human Scum, with Decius vomiting the song’s blasphemous words manically, always supported by the heavy artillery of Blashphemer with his wicked bass and Death Tyrant with his vicious beats; and Decius and his Stygian riffs will pierce your ears in the disturbing fusion of Black and Death Metal titled Genocide Ceremony (Congregation Ablazed), showcasing infernal beats and fills, gruesome vociferations and metallic bass jabs, or in other words, a lesson in extreme music made in Germany. Then we have Human Sacrifice (Pig Messiah Decapitated), as demented and disturbing as its predecessors, where those three metallers prove they’re never tired of hammering their sonic weapons and, therefore, providing us fans a hurricane of Black and Death Metal not recommended for the lighthearted, not to mention Death Tyrant sounds like a stone crusher on drums. Iron Bloodlust Inflamed is another explosion of vile and crushing sounds by Bestial Warfare, with Decius taking the lead with his vomiting, guttural roars while Blashphemer continues to pound his Stygian bass nonstop, and finally there’s nothing better than paying a tribute to darkness and old school Black Metal than with the sulfurous hymn Antichrist Offensive, where they continue to smash everything and everyone that crosses their path and with Death Tyrant and Decius making a demonic duo with their respective blast beats and scorching riffage.

The gates of hell are open and Bestial Warfare are ready to attack armed with their fulminating new EP Desecrating Goat Assault, and in order to join this evil brigade from Germany simply go check what they’re up to on Facebook and purchase a copy of the album from the Godz ov War Productions’ BandCamp page or webstore in CD or cassette format. After two first-class, demonic releases such as Genocide and Desecrating Goat Assault, what’s next for Bestial Warfare? Well, it doesn’t matter if it’s another EP or a full-length album, as long as they keep spreading darkness and blasphemy all over the world with their infernal creations I’m sure fans of extreme music will have a very good reason to keep banging their heads in the name of pure evil.

Best moments of the album: Genocide Ceremony (Congregation Ablazed) and Human Sacrifice (Pig Messiah Decapitated).

Worst moments of the album: None.

Released in 2020 Godz ov War Productions

Track listing
1. Impaled Human Scum 5:36
2. Genocide Ceremony (Congregation Ablazed) 4:27
3. Human Sacrifice (Pig Messiah Decapitated) 3:29
4.Iron Bloodlust Inflamed 4:07
5. Antichrist Offensive 4:02

Band members
Decius Christgrinding Hammerfist – guitar, vocals
Blashphemer Evocator Incinerator Mass – bass, vocals
Death Tyrant of Satanic Vengeance – drums

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