Album Review – Revulsion / Revulsion (2021)

This ruthless Finnish unity is on fire in their debut full-length opus, offering us all an aggressive, sharp and viciously groovy form of Death Metal that begs for repeat listens.

Hailing from Pohjois-Pohjanmaa, a region of Finland that borders Lapland, Kainuu, North Savo, Central Finland and Central Ostrobothnia, as well as the Russian Republic of Karelia, the unrelenting Death Metal unity known as Revulsion has been carving their name in the local and international scene with their aggressive, sharp and viciously groovy form of Death Metal that begs for repeat listens. Now in 2021, this furious five-piece act comprised of Aleksi Huhta on vocals, Jari Toppinen and Jarkko Viitasalo on the guitars, Tuomas Alatalo on bass and Atte Karppinen on drums returns in full force with their self-titled debut full-length opus, following on the very positive feedback received for their 2010 demo Undressing External Humanity and their 2011 EP Defiled, being highly recommended for fans of bands the likes of Dying Fetus, Depravity, Suffocation and Morbid Angel, among several others. Featuring a straightforward artwork by Polish illustrator Kuba Sokólski, the album brings forward Death Metal that is contemporary and practical, taking the best elements from all over and delivering it flawlessly without pulling any punches, helping the band pave their destructive path that started in the already distant year of 2005.

Revulsion kick off the album with Last Echoes of Life, a pulverizing, demonic extravaganza serving as the welcome card by the quintet where Aleksi is a true beast on vocals, and you can already sense a lot of Groove Metal influences in their sick Death Metal as mentioned, whereas the razor-edged riffs by Jari and Jarkko, together with the classic beats by Atte, generate a thunderous atmosphere in the menacing tune Pyre, displaying an amazing job done by all band members (in special Tuomas with his Alex Webster-inspired bass jabs). Then it’s time to slam into the circle pit like a demented metalmaniac to the sound of Walls, where Aleksi continues to bark and growl manically while his bandmates don’t let the energy level go down not even for a single second in this hammering Death Metal chant. After such infernal tune we’re treated to Mustaa Hiiltä, or “black carbon” from Finnish, and as the name already indicates it’s by far the darkest and most devilish of all songs form the album, blending the heaviness of Death Metal with the obscurity of Doom Metal, and once again presenting Tuomas’ rumbling bass to make things even more infernal; while Lihaan Sidottu Kirja (“a book bound by flesh”) brings forward another round of their deranged music, presenting Jari and Jarkko’s trademark riffage and the brutality flowing from the kitchen crafted by Tuomas and Atte. Put differently, this is Death Metal at its finest.

Revulsion Wooden Coffin Box

Blasting their sonic weapons without showing a single drop of mercy, those Finnish metallers will decimate your ears in Wastelands, again bringing forward a perfect sync between Aleksi’s hellish growling and the vicious drumming by Atte, and more of their classic Death Metal comes in the form of Unravel, offering the listener blazing riffs and smashing drums while Aleksi continues to vociferate the song’s words with tons of anger, albeit not as dynamic nor as creative as its predecessors. Back to a more ferocious sonority, it’s time for Atte to take the lead with his wicked beats and fills in Silence, while the band’s evil guitar duo continues to slash our ears with their dirty, intricate and venomous riffs; followed by Pawns, a high-octane, straight-to-the-point Death Metal explosion crafted by Revulsion that will please all fans of old school savagery, with Atte displaying all his heavy artillery throughout the song’s two intense minutes. Finally, there’s nothing better than closing the album with six minutes of sheer darkness and malevolence like what they offer us in Viimeinen Rituaali (“the last ritual”), the perfect tune for banging your head like a deranged maniac, with the Stygian riffs by Jari and Jarkko being a work-of-art.

You can find more information about Revulsion, their music, tour dates and plans for the future on Facebook and on Instagram, and of course in order to show those Finnish death metallers all your support and admiration you can purchase their bestial self-titled album from their own BandCamp page or from the Transcending Obscurity Records’ webstore by clicking HERE or HERE, but if I were you I would definitely go for the jaw-dropping Revulsion Wooden Coffin Box with laser engraving of the band logo, containing the wooden box and an 8-panel digipak CD with metallic effect and UV lamination, plus an autographed card, a metallic logo patch, a badge, a beer coaster, a bottle opener with keychain and a metallic sticker. What else can you ask for, right? This is top-notch Death Metal made in Finland that’s definitely going to stand out in your collection, showing everyone in your family and all your friends that you’re indeed a revulsive headbanging bastard.

Best moments of the album: Pyre, Mustaa Hiiltä and Lihaan Sidottu Kirja.

Worst moments of the album: Unravel.

Released in 2021 Transcending Obscurity Records

Track listing
1. Last Echoes of Life 3:06
2. Pyre 3:23
3. Walls 3:13
4. Mustaa Hiiltä 5:21
5. Lihaan Sidottu Kirja 3:49
6. Wastelands 2:42
7. Unravel 3:53
8. Silence 3:21
9. Pawns 2:09
10. Viimeinen Rituaali 5:59

Band members
Aleksi Huhta – vocals
Jari Toppinen – guitar
Jarkko Viitasalo – guitar
Tuomas Alatalo – bass
Atte Karppinen – drums

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