Album Review – My Own Fear / Violence Made History (2022)

Let’s all have a lesson in violence to the sound of the awesome first full-length album by this ruthless Death and Thrash Metal band from France.

Formed in 2011 in Val d’Oise, a department in the Île-de-France region in Northern France, Death/Thrash Metal troopers My Own Fear have just unleashed upon humanity their first full-length opus, titled Violence Made History, enhancing the heaviness, rage and fury from their 2014 debut EP Rise to a whole new level. Currently formed of Nicolas Benloulou on vocals, Stéphane Neraud and Fabrice Darmon on the guitars, Gilles Sala on bass, and Sébastien Geley on drums, My Own Fear will inspire you to slam into the circle pit to the sound of their newborn spawn dealing with controversial topics like death, inner struggles and the horrors of historical events the likes of the Spanish Inquisition, being highly recommended for admirers of the vicious and intricate music blasted by renowned acts such as Death, Sepultura and The Haunted, among several others.

The atmospheric, cinematic intro Once Upon a Fall works as the calm before the storm, as the band comes crushing our senses in 6:1 – 8, a frantic thrashing feast where Sébastien sounds demonic behind his drums accompanied by the dirty and piercing riffs by Stéphane and Fabrice, being perfect for some sick headbanging. The quintet keeps delivering sheer animosity and rage through their infernal music in Dux Bellarum, with Nicolas roaring manically in the name of Thrash Metal; and deadly and sinister from the very first second, the demolishing Hell Fire Club (H.F.C.) brings to our ears the pounding beats by Sébastien while Gilles hammers his bass nonstop, resulting in an excellent option for their live concerts. Then we have Torquemada, which starts in a cryptic manner to the sound of acoustic guitars before exploding into the band’s vicious fusion of Death and Thrash Metal, or in other words, it’s another neck-breaking tune by those French metallers that also presents exciting and melodic breaks and passages.

Ghosts on the Warpath is a lot more obscure and groovier than its predecessors, with the bass by Gilles sounding thunderous in a lesson in modern-day Death Metal with Hardcore nuances, and it looks like the band will keep firing their most vicious form of Death Metal in Salem, where Nicolas is bestial on vocals, roaring the song’s lyrics from the bottom of his blackened heart (not to mention the song’s wicked guitar solos). After that, the “Era of the Rats Trilogy” begins with 1349 – Era of the Rats, Pt. 1, an instrumental interlude that sounds as if the band is getting ready for war, evolving into the ass-kicking Devoured by Pestilence – Era of the Rats, Pt. 2, blending the best elements from Death and Thrash Metal with European Hardcore where Stéphane and Fabrice are once again demented with their riffage and solos, and finally ending the album the band brings forward five minutes of Death Metal darkness entitled Empire of the Rats – Era of the Rats, Pt. 3, with Gilles and Sébastien being in perfect sync by adding endless groove to the overall result.

In a nutshell, the excellent Violence Made History, which is available in full on Spotify, definitely sets the bar high for My Own Fear regarding their upcoming releases, but I’m sure those talented French musicians will find a way to sound even heavier and more compelling in the future. Hence, go check what My Own Fear are up to on Facebook and on Instagram, and of course grab your copy of Violence Made History from Rock Metal Market, iMusician, Best Buy, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Record Store Day. My Own Fear are opening up our eyes to the undeniable truth that violence indeed made what we know today as History, and violence is what will keep fueling not only the future of humanity, but also the first-class music crafted by such skillful and focused band from France.

Best moments of the album: Hell Fire Club (H.F.C.), Ghosts on the Warpath and Salem.

Worst moments of the album: None.

Released in 2022 M.U.S.I.C. Records

Track listing
1. Once Upon a Fall 1:09
2. 6:1 – 8 5:41
3. Dux Bellarum 4:13
4. Hell Fire Club (H.F.C.) 4:08
5. Torquemada 4:20
6. Ghosts on the Warpath 4:04
7. Salem 5:09
8. 1349 – Era of the Rats, Pt. 1 1:36
9. Devoured by Pestilence – Era of the Rats, Pt. 2 3:51
10. Empire of the Rats – Era of the Rats, Pt. 3 5:02

Band members
Nicolas Benloulou – vocals
Stéphane Neraud – guitars, backing vocals
Fabrice Darmon – guitars
Gilles Sala – bass
Sébastien Geley – drums


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