The Metal Moose Show – Episode 2016-01-17

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On The Metal Moose Show this week:

1. Cloudscape – All For Metal
2. Casket Robbery – Annabelle’s Hell
3. Dawn Heist – Voyager
4. Dead Soul Communion – My Beautiful Mistake
5. Dead Colony – Stay Alive
6. For The Wolf – The Invisible Dead
7. Fireland – Servants Of The Dark
8. Just Before Dawn – Into The Iron Mist
9. Lift The Medium – Spinning Wheel
10. Second Rate Angels – Godspeed
11. Burn The Ocean – Days In November
12. The Lumberjack – Salvation
13. Thundermother – Roadkill
14. The Dead Prevail – Eradicate To Devastate
15. Rebel Wizard – A Place To Rest The Dead Inside Is Never To Be Found
16. Wasteland Rocks – I Say Burn
17. The Veer Union – Defying Gravity
18. Vingulmork – (I Am) The Darkness You Can Touch
19. Rhine – The Dark Of Winter

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