Album Review – Bleed Like Mylee / Nuk Soo Kow EP (2022)

You will bleed like Mylee after listening to the hard-hitting Metalcore blasted by this talented and ruthless five-piece act hailing from the United States.

The drunken brainchild of vocalist Joseph Izayea (Seeking Sirens, From Under Concrete Kings, Sour Times) bassist Josh Previte (From Under Concrete Kings, Patient 0) and drummer Doug Waite (To Die This Night, Gamohra), United States-based  Metalcore act Bleed Like Mylee is a hard-hitting five-piece outfit comprised of the aforementioned musicians plus longtime friends Jeremy Litton (Patient 0) on the guitars and Armando Yambao (Galvanized) on additional vocals, delivering crushing breakdowns, epic choruses and gut-punching songwriting, all absurdly packaged in a tribute to the movie Kickboxer featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme. Fans of acts like Austrian Death Machine and Okilly Dokilly should easily find enjoyment in their debut EP Nuk Soo Kow, which stands to leave some bruises on 2022 due to its endless adrenaline and heaviness carefully brought into being by a band that’s more than ready to kick some ass in the name of heavy music and, of course, in honor of the unparalleled Van-Damme.

Get in the ring to the sharp riffs by Jeremy and the infuriated beats by Doug in the opening tune Kiss Of Death, inspired by this classic scene from the movie, with Joseph roaring the song’s lyrics as if he was a true kickboxer ready for a fight, followed by Now Kiki Even Too, another iconic line of the movie turned into visceral Metalcore where Jeremy and Josh are in perfect sync with their stringed weapons, sounding melodic and heavy-as-hell at the same time. Then one more unforgettable movie moment has its own tribute in the form of Kick The Tree, bringing forward ass-kicking Metalcore perfect for slamming into the pit with Armando supporting Joseph’s rabid roars in great fashion; and the band alternates between pensive moments and sheer adrenaline in Stone City (inspired by the movie’s own stone city), with Joseph screaming from the bottom of his heart while Doug sounds like a machine gun behind his drums. Lastly, the screams of “Nok Su Kao! Nok Su Kao! Nok Su Kao!” taken from this fantastic movie scene ignite the closing song, the frantic, insane Nuk Soo Kow, showcasing an awesome job done by Jeremy on the guitars while Josh makes the earth tremble with his bass, resulting in a lesson in Metalcore violence.

In a nutshell, the high-octane Nuk Soo Kow, which by the way should become available in its entirety on Spotify soon, is indeed a fun and vibrant tribute to one of the best fight movies of all time throughout its 22 minutes of classic Metalcore blasted by those five talented American metallers, with all of them being on fire from start to finish and, therefore, leaving us eager for more of their kickboxing heavy music in a not-so-distant future. And as Bleed Like Mylee smashes your head with their furious Metalcore, you’ll be lying on the ground like Kurt Sloane in the movie Kickboxer while the band approaches you with a smile on their faces and simply pronounce Tong Po’s famous words, “You bleed like Mylee! Mylee… good fuck!”

Best moments of the album: Now Kiki Even Too and Nuk Soo Kow.

Worst moments of the album: None.

Released in 2022 Independent

Track listing
1. Kiss Of Death 4:12
2. Now Kiki Even Too 3:47
3. Kick The Tree 3:47
4. Stone City 4:28
5. Nuk Soo Kow 5:40

Band members
Joseph Izayea – vocals
Jeremy Litton – guitar
Josh Previte – bass
Doug Waite – drums
Armando Yambao – additional vocals