Album Review – Moth’s Circle Flight / My Entropy (2016)

Catchy riffs, deranged growls and endless energy in an album that blends Metalcore with tons of other subgenres of heavy music, recommended for the ones in pursuit of the “light in the shadows”.


CoverAfter ten years alive and kicking, releasing a couple of EP’s and one full-length album, playing alongside renowned artists such as Sepultura, Extrema and Guilty Method, among others, and participating in important European events like the Colonia Sonora Festival in Turin, Italy, it’s time for Italian Metalcore/Groove Metal wolf pack Moth’s Circle Flight to celebrate a decade of existence with the release of their second full-length album, entitled My Entropy, a melodic turmoil of catchy riffs, demented screams and nonstop adrenaline.

Although it’s considerably hard to describe the sounding of Moth’s Circle Flight due to the crazy amalgamation of rhythms and genres added to their musicality, this is the type of band that will please fans of heavy and uncompromised music the likes of Pantera and Trivium, highly recommended for some good jumping, screaming and headbanging. Formed in the city of Parma in 2003, the band only found their actual formation in 2012, hence shaping up their music to what can be found today in My Entropy.  In their lyrics, the band wishes to reiterate the leitmotif that has accompanied them in recent years, that being “the constant search for light in the shadows, the frenzied gathering around a flame that we’ll never own, but that keeps us alive and eternal.”

When the Slipknot-inspired intro in Man On The Peak morphs into a brutal fusion of Metalcore and Alternative Metal, all hell breaks loose  led by the demented riffs and solos by guitarists Luca “Pellach” Alzapiedi and Francesco “Baldo” Baldi, reminding me of the music by the Butcher Babies with hints of Pantera. An interesting mix of soundings, isn’t it? But that’s just the beginning, as in the neck-breaking tune Ends Of A Shadow we’re treated to the enraged screams by both Gabriele “Gabbo” Rosi and Simone “Pancio” Panciroli, who switch their vocals from the good old times of Phil Anselmo to a frantic version of Axl Rose, and again to what we find in modern Melodic Death Metal, therefore showcasing all their versatility. In addition to that, the song’s awesome chorus will certainly stick to your head for a good amount of time, no doubt about that.

MCFThe alternative Raise Your Head, which presents a lunatic atmosphere usually found in modern Americanized music, is a good choice for igniting some serious mosh pits during the band’s live concerts, with Pellach and Baldo continuing to impress on guitars while Fabio “Bersa” Bersani showcases all his passion for Groove Metal behind his drums. Bassist Marco “Satir” Reggiani kicks off the excellent Late Promises with his thunderous lines, quickly evolving to solid Alternative Metal with additional elements taken from Groove Metal and Metalcore where vocals sound like a mix of Phil Anselmo and Daron Malakian (System Of A Down); followed by An Old Chant, a rabid anthem that condenses the musicality by System Of A Down, Butcher Babies, Alice In Chains, Sevendust and tons of other distinct bands, with its riffs and beats being in total sync and, consequently, creating the ideal ambience for some brutal headbanging and moshing.

And there’s more brutality emanating from the music by Moth’s Circle Flight in what’s perhaps the most melodic of all tracks, Write My Name, where Gabbo and Pancio once again burst their lungs out in a violent but tuneful way, providing a welcome break from the sheer madness of all previous songs. Despite not being a bad song, With Love, With Flames never really take off, maybe because it’s too alternative and the band gets a bit lost deciding if they get heavier or groovier (the guitar solo by Pellach is really good though, as well as the drumming by Bersa), but fortunately that “hesitation” doesn’t last long as we have another kick-ass blast of Groove and Alternative Metal entitled Bursting Into Existence, with its clean vocals once again reminding me of Daron Malakian. The song offers the listener a good balance of harsh screams and clean vocals, with its accelerated rhythm and dissonant riffs adding more fuel to the overall result, maintaining the song’s fire burning until its deranged ending. In Madball (maybe a tribute to American Hardcore icons Madball), growls follow the path built by guitar riffs in what gets a bit repetitive halfway through it, before Ray Of Ira comes to close the album on a high note. It’s amazing how the band blended English and Italian in the lyrics and still sounded very organic, especially during the song’s clean vocal parts. Furthermore, the instrumental pieces are beyond precise and effectively support the message sent in both languages. Well, based on how the album ends, I’m pretty sure we’ll see a lot more of Moth’s Circle Flight in a not-so-distant future.

You can go absolutely mental to the music by Moth’s Circle Flight (also known as MCF, if you like acronyms) by visiting their Facebook page and SoundCloud, and grab your copy of My Entropy at the logic(il)logic Records’ webstore, on iTunes or at CD Baby. And if you’re also searching for the “light in the shadows” mentioned by the band, just like a real moth, I suggest you do it while listening to the vigorous Metalcore by this talented Italian sextet as that will definitely cheer you up, even if you never find the desired light.

Best moments of the album: Ends Of A Shadow, An Old Chant and Bursting Into Existence.

Worst moments of the album: With Love, With Flames and Madball.

Released in 2016 logic(il)logic Records/Andromeda Dischi

Track listing
1. Man On The Peak 4:07
2. Ends Of A Shadow 4:11
3. Raise Your Head 4:19
4. Late Promises 5:10
5. An Old Chant 4:42
6. Write My Name 3:50
7. With Love, With Flames 3:14
8. Bursting Into Existence 5:00
9. Madball 4:14
10. Ray Of Ira 3:57

Band members
Gabriele “Gabbo” Rosi – vocals
Simone “Pancio” Panciroli – vocals
Luca “Pellach” Alzapiedi – lead guitar
Francesco “Baldo” Baldi – rhythm guitar
Marco “Satir” Reggiani – bass
Fabio “Bersa” Bersani – drums