Album Review – Defision / A Thousand Bullets EP (2016)

Five high-octane compositions ranging from traditional Heavy Metal to Rock N’ Roll and Death Metal, showcasing all the abilities by this talented and electrified act from Greece.


Outside - Cover OnlyIn 1920, when the King of Greece, Alexander I, visited the city of Dedeagach, the local authorities decided to rename the city Alexandroúpoli (or “city of Alexander”) in the Greek King’s honour. Almost 100 years later, five talented musicians got together in that exact same city to found the excellent Heavy Metal act Defision, who after a couple of years are finally releasing their debut EP entitled A Thousand Bullets, containing five high-octane compositions that will please all types of fans from traditional Heavy Metal to Thrash Metal and even more contemporary Alternative Metal.

Actually, it’s quite hard to label the music by this five-piece group due to all the elements from distinct subgenres of heavy music added to their work, creating a fresh and unique sounding for each of the five tracks in A Thousand Bullets. You’ll be surprised with the versatility of all band members, especially with lead singer George Keivanidis who can provide you some powerful lines the likes of Blaze Bayley or Biff Byford, and quickly turn his vocals into deep growls as if he became a brutal Death Metal vocalist by magic. After listening to the entire EP I started wondering what those guys could do with some proper support from a record label, but as this is a review for A Thousand Bullets let’s focus on the music the band has already generated to blow our ears and leave that discussion for a later date.

Alternative and progressive elements kick off the first tune of the EP, named Paragon Of Misery, which after a while gets closer to a more traditional sonority, blending the Heavy Metal by Iron Maiden (coming from the rhythmic beats by Christos Panagis) with the badass Rock N’ Roll by Chrome Division (found in the vocals by George Keivanidis and the riffs by Stratos Vrachiolias and Giannis Kaltsidis). As already mentioned, it’s not an easy task to try to put a label on their style. Anyway, it’s quite interesting how despite the good production of the EP Defision can sound dirty and raw (always a good thing in heavy music), which is the case in Fallen Demon, a song about heaven and hell perfect for enjoying a beer at a pub while watching the band masterfully playing it. In addition, Stratos and Giannis once again bring it with their solid guitar riffs and solos, elevating the song’s quality even more.

defisionWorld In Chains, by far my favorite of all five songs, is a lot faster and heavier than its predecessors thanks to the electrifying drumming by Christos, with George taking his vocals to a more demonic level through deeper growls and howls while singing its aggressive lyrics (“The freedom of choice, / an illusion of man / Revealing the truth / does not fit the plan / Submissive and scared, / congenital slaves / We crawl on our knees, / from cradle to grave”). In other words, this is an awesome Rock N’ Roll chant with elements of Death Metal and Stoner Metal added to it, in special during its precise break after around two minutes, poised to become an underground metal hit in their homeland.

The brief intro War Never Changes brings forward sirens and shots warning us all that war is about to start in the melodic and progressive Medal Of Honor, a Heavy Metal tune about the fortunes of war (“Thousands of bullets run through my mind / freezing my soul to the core. / For all the people I killed / fighting through battlefields. / Hundreds of children lie dead on the ground, / their faces haunting my dreams, / yet still I’m leading the play, in this insanity.”), showcasing violent vocals by George and passionate performances by Stratos and Giannis, who shred their guitars mercilessly while bassist Periklis Epitropou doesn’t stop pounding his thunderous instrument. If you’re a metalhead with a strong passion for songs about the battlefield, this last track from A Thousand Bullets is highly recommended to you.

To sum up, although the band has just started paving their path in the world of heavy music, having only a five-track EP released so far, I strongly believe they have all it takes to become one of the most promising bands hailing from Greece in the coming years. And if you want to know a little more about Defision and their plans for the future, go take a look at their Facebook page, YouTube channel and SoundCloud profile, where you’ll be able to listen to all songs from A Thousand Bullets as many times as you want.

Best moments of the album: Paragon Of Misery and World In Chains.

Worst moments of the album: None.

Released in 2016 Independent

Track listing
1. Paragon Of Misery 3:31
2. Fallen Demon 3:59
3. World In Chains 3:48
4. War Never Changes 0:28
5. Medal Of Honor 4:11

Band members
George Keivanidis – vocals
Stratos Vrachiolias – guitar
Giannis Kaltsidis – guitar
Periklis Epitropou – bass
Christos Panagis – drums

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