Album Review – Hostis / Hostis (2016)

Experience all the destruction caused by the first-class fusion of Death and Thrash Metal by this technical band from Montenegro, blasting their austere message against politics, religion and media manipulation.


1-cover-artFans of the demolishing sound bred by extreme music giants such as Kreator, Sepultura, Exodus and Cannibal Corpse have a very good reason to turn their eyes to the cities of Budva, a Montenegrin town on the Adriatic Sea, and Tivat, a coastal town in southwest Montenegro located around 40 minutes from Budva. If you truly enjoy breaking your neck headbanging to traditional Death and Thrash Metal, I recommend you take a shot at the self-titled debut album by Montenegrin act Hostis, a 6-track album containing 6 crushing composition by a band whose name has 6 letters. Hence, the final number is 666, which means no further explanation is required regarding the core essence of Hostis and their purpose in our dying world.

Founded in 2010 by Srđan Mišović (vocals and programming), Miloš Klikovac (guitars) and Aleksandar Dragojević (bass guitar), all members of Montenegrin Atmospheric Death Metal band Abhoth, Hostis base their lyrics on social issues, mostly against political and religious dogma and indoctrination and media manipulation. Their debut album also features special guitar solos by Montenegrin musician Stefan Stanišić, as well as solos by Luka Milošević (Deadly Mosh, Istrulity) and Dušan Mlađenović (Alister), both hailing from Serbia. In addition, the stunning old school artwork drawn and initially coloured by Zvonimir Grabić, with the whole graphic design and editing done by Milena Nićić (Myllen), increases the darkness and impact of the music found in Hostis to a point the whole album feels like a classic Death Metal album from the 90’s and not like the debut release from a brand new band.

Tailored for admirers of the cutting and sharp sound of old school Thrash Metal riffs, the opening track Hostis is an instrumental extravaganza containing all elements we love in extreme music such as technical solos, nonstop drums and endless heaviness. In other words, a great display of modern Thrash and Death Metal flawlessly delivered by all band members, getting the listener more-than-ready for the havoc beautifully entitled Beneath The Machinery Of Demise. When Srđan starts growling the song’s lyrics like a demonic beast (“Throne of megalomania / Upon the ashes of scattered lives / Twisting the fragments of reality / Beneath the machinery of demise”), supported by the piercing guitar lines by Miloš, you’ll definitely feel tempted to bang your head like a maniac or slam into the pit to this brutal and dense Death Metal chant.

hostisThe sensational Mutilation Of Truth kicks off as pure Bay Area Thrash the likes of Exodus and Testament, with the vocals by Srđan leaning towards the deepest guttural found in Death Metal. Moreover, it’s amazing how Hostis sound so polished and crude at the same time, with the potent sounds of all instruments being enhanced by the album’s outstanding production, not to mention all the song’s tempo changes that end up increasing its overall quality and potency. Demigods is another bestial fusion of Death and Thrash Metal led by the scorching riffs by Miloš, with the bass guitar by Aleksandar truly adding the world “metal” to the musicality. It’s another song that sounds like two or three in one, showcasing the band’s versatility and dexterity to keep their music interesting all the time.

There isn’t a single song that doesn’t sound brutal and technical in Hostis, which is also the case in the seven minutes of low-tuned progressive and demonic sounds found in In Shadow Of The Crucified, a rhythmic aria of darkness exhibiting awesome guitar lines and solos and the always cavernous growls by Srđan. And how do you think the album ends? Well, obviously with more devastation brought forth by such talented band, this time named Gods Are Dead. We must admit it’s pretty hard for most human beings to reach such demented level of guttural growls, which makes the work done on vocals by Srđan even more impressive. And after a creepy break halfway through the song, Hostis return in full force and keep delivering first-class Extreme Metal until all is said and done.

Do you want to experience all the destruction caused by the infernal and intense music crafted by this high-skilled band from Montenegro? Simply go check their Facebook page for news, tour dates and future projects, and their YouTube channel to listen to their music at top volume just like any good Death and Thrash Metal band deserves. And if you want to buy this excellent album, you can find it on sale at Discogs by clicking HERE or HERE. The extreme aggression of Death and Thrash Metal, together with an acid message against politics and religion, always results in top-notch music, and with Hostis that magic formula will certainly continue to have an amazing impact on fans of extreme music for many years to come.

Best moments of the album: Mutilation Of Truth and Demigods.

Worst moments of the album: None.

Released in 2016 Miner Recordings

Track listing
1. Hostis 5:44
2. Beneath The Machinery Of Demise 6:35
3. Mutilation Of Truth 6:16
4. Demigods  6:25
5. In Shadow Of The Crucified 7:02
6. Gods Are Dead 7:28

Band members
Srđan Mišović – vocals, programming
Miloš Klikovac – guitars
Aleksandar Dragojević – bass

Guest musicians
Stefan Stanišić – lead guitar
Luka Milošević – lead guitar
Dušan Mlađenović – lead guitar

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