Album Review – Morbid Spawn / And So It Begins EP (2018)

It’s time to get morbid and slam into the pit to the sound of the crushing Death Metal by this up-and-coming act hailing from Sweden.

It’s time to get morbid and vile with some old school Death Metal made in Karlskrona, known as Sweden’s only baroque city, pulverizing your senses and leaving you completely disoriented just the way we love in extreme music. I’m talking about the infernal duo comprised of guitarist J. Åberg and bassist R. Svensson, who together formed in the year of 2008 a demonic entity known as Morbid Spawn. Shortly after the formation of the band, a four-track demo called Demo Anthology was released in 2009 and the duo started looking for a drummer for the band, but unfortunately they couldn’t find a permanent one after several tests with different candidates. The project was then put on hold until 2015 when they recorded a single just for fun, culminating with the release now in 2018 of their first official album, the five-track EP And So It Begins.

And they need only two seconds to start pulverizing everyone and everything that crosses their path in the opening track S.G.T.D, where the drums sound deeply violent and bestial while J. Åberg smashes his strings mercilessly, not to mention the song’s classic Death Metal lyrics (“The Rightful deprivation everlost in Obsolete / Surrounded by the Conceit, a False Valor of Yourself / Pandemonic Treason, Your Treachery induce us all /Benighted Bastard Of Filth, your downfall will succeed”); turning it into a highly recommended option for slamming into a nasty circle pit. Then showcasing deeper growls, which end up giving the music a more ferocious and raw vibe, Path To The Celestrial Realm brings forward flammable riffs accompanied by low-tuned and menacing bass lines that will embrace you and prepare you for a demented drumming onrush. In other words, fans of classic Cannibal Corpse will love this crushing tune from the bottom of their bloody hearts; whereas Tortured feels even more rhythmic and devastating, with enraged and bestial roars permeating the air while the reverberating sounds of guitar and bass exhale sheer havoc and chaos, resulting in a first-class old school Death Metal hymn for the masses condensed in less than three minutes.

In the following tune, the action-packed, demolishing Immolated Incantation, visceral words are beautifully growled and barked (“Deceptional Distress / Pernicious Pain / Piercing through Me / From Within; Prevailed by Horrid struggle / Feeling it through my vein / Starting to feel insane /Insane!”), proving Death Metal gets even more entertaining when the lyrics are as aggressive as the music. As a matter of fact, the name of the song is already an ode to the purest form of Death Metal, sounding vile, crude and demented, in special the song’s nonstop beats and fills. And last but not least, Morbid Spawn fires another putrid and obscure tune named Never To Return, a crushing feast of demonic guitars, thunderous bass punches and endless violence, also presenting over six minutes of gruesome vociferations and that somber intricacy we love in Death Metal riffs, with the music flowing powerfully until everything morphs into an eccentric and Stygian ending.

You can listen to And So It Begins in its entirety on YouTube, purchase the album from Morbid Spawn’s BandCamp page and from the Podreira Records’ BandCamp page, or simply follow the band on Facebook. No matter which one of these options better suits your needs, you should be prepared to be pulverized inside the circle pit, slamming like a beast to the sound of this skillful Death Metal act from Sweden that might have taken a while to deliver their first opus to the world, but the wait was definitely worth it and opens a promising (and devastating) path for the band in a not-so-distant future in the world of underground extreme music.

Best moments of the album: Tortured and Immolated Incantation.

Worst moments of the album: None.

Released in 2018 Independent

Track listing
1. S.G.T.D 4:41
2. Path To The Celestrial Realm 3:47
3. Tortured 2:37
4. Immolated Incantation 4:05
5. Never To Return 6:29

Band members
J. Åberg – guitar, drum programming
R. Svensson – bass, drum programming

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