Album Review – Fleshtorture / Grotesca Doctrina De La Perversidad (2021)

A fulminating display of Death Metal made in Nicaragua, dealing with the poisonous hypocrisy of faith in unseen gods and the structures of domination built around those abominable names.


fleshtorture-grotesca-doctrina-de-la-perversidad-2021Armed with riffs that no god could stand against and a vocal roar to cut through lies and debasement, León, Nicaragua-based Death Metal bulldozers Fleshtorture are back in action with the third and most powerful full-length album of their career, the devastating Grotesca Doctrina De La Perversidad, or “grotesque doctrine of perversity” in English. A consistently stunning display of real Death Metal from start to finish, dealing with the poisonous hypocrisy of faith in unseen gods and the structures of domination built around those abominable names, the album is highly recommended for fans of renowned Death Metal titans the likes of Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, Suffocation and Incantation, showcasing all the talent and violence of vocalist Xhugore, guitarists Lenin Galo and René Schock, bassist Hanry Cano and drummer Rudy Wolf. Add to that the visceral recording by Hector Cerrato at Zombie Records, the vile mixing and mastering by Chris Wisco, the sharp production by Joi Brute, and the demented artwork by John Quevedo Janssens, and there you have an essential  album that will certainly leave a permanent scar on the tortured visage of Death Metal.

In the insane Intro: Grotesca Doctrina de la Perversidad, gruesome, cryptic vociferations will warm us up for the bestial Canibalismo Eclesiástico (“ecclesiastical cannibalism”), where Xhugore’s roars together with the frantic drums by Rudy Wolf are a stunning invitation for all of us to slam into the pit like true maniacs, not to mention the awesome Cannibal Corpse-inspired riffs by the band’s guitar duo; and their Death Metal extravaganza goes on in the visceral tune Blasfemando en el Trono de Dios (“blaspheming on the throne of god”), showcasing another amazing job done by Lenin Galo and René Schock on the guitars accompanied by the menacing bass jabs by Hanry Cano. The band continues hammering their wicked instruments in Flagelando al Mesías (“flogging the messiah”), with Rudy Wolf dictating the song’s demonic pace while Xhugore barks the song’s Spanish lyrics with tons of hatred and darkness, followed by Tumba de Niños (“children’s tomb”), another ode to old school Death Metal with the band’s own twist. Furthermore, its backing vocals provide a very effective support to Xhugore, while the guitars keep piercing our souls mercilessly until the very last second.

Crucificado, Muerto y Sepultado (“crucified, dead and buried”) is undoubtedly one of the most violent compositions of the album, a circle pit-catalyst that will please all fans of classic Death Metal with Rudy Wolf once again taking the lead with his rhythmic and utterly aggressive beats and fills, whereas sinister sounds permeate the air in Aberracíon Maligna (“malignant aberration”), with the band offering a Doom Metal-ish side of their music evolving into another showcase of sheer brutality. Needless to say, Lenin Galo and René Schock are on fire with their riffs and solos, and more of their sulfurous and blasphemous sounds comes in the form of Morgue (“morgue”), again presenting wicked vociferations by Xhugore amidst a rumbling atmosphere crafted by Hanry Cano and Rudy Wolf. The band’s last breath of malignancy and depravation is offered to us in Crematorio (“crematorium”), less intense than its predecessors but still dark and heavy, with their guitars again penetrating deep inside your skin while also presenting Xhugore’s trademark guttural gnarls, flowing into a quick and phantasmagorical Outro to darkly conclude such hellish piece of music.

fleshtorture-2021If carnivorous and blasphemous Death Metal is your cup of tea (or maybe I should say “cup of blood”), then you should definitely take a full listen at the new album by Fleshtorture on YouTube or on Spotify, but of course in order to show those Nicaraguan metallers your true support you can purchase a copy of the album from their own BandCamp page, from the Brute! Productions’ Big Cartel, from the Sevared Records’ webstore, from Apple Music or from Amazon. In addition, don’t forget to also follow such distinguished Death Metal force on Facebook, keeping up to date with all things Fleshtorture and, above all that, inspiring them to continue their path of perversity and violence just like what they offered us all in the excellent Grotesca Doctrina De La Perversidad.

Best moments of the album: Canibalismo Eclesiástico, Flagelando al Mesías and Crucificado, Muerto y Sepultado.

Worst moments of the album: Crematorio.

Released in 2021 Brute! Productions

Track listing 
1. Intro: Grotesca Doctrina de la Perversidad 0:42
2. Canibalismo Eclesiástico 4:17
3. Blasfemando en el Trono de Dios 4:20
4. Flagelando al Mesías 4:30
5. Tumba de Niños 3:16
6. Crucificado, Muerto y Sepultado 5:20
7. Aberración Maligna 5:20
8. Morgue 3:58
9. Crematorio 4:59
10. Outro 0:18

Band members
Xhugore – vocals
Lenin Galo – guitars
René Schock – guitars
Hanry Cano – bass
Rudy Wolf – drums

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