Album Review – Greyhawk / Call of the Hawk EP (2022)

Flying higher than the sky and spreading their wings all over the world, these American metallers are back with a thrilling new EP of old school Heavy and Power Metal.

Equal parts traditional Heavy Metal, Power Metal and shred, Seattle, Washington, United States-based outfit Greyhawk blends the best parts of these styles together to create a high energy, dynamic heavy metal music that fans of Dio, Yngwie Malmsteen, Racer X, Manowar, Visigoth and Judas Priest will rejoice in. Having released their debut EP Ride Out in 2018 and their first full-length album Keepers of the Flame in 2020 to acclaim from both critics and fans alike, the band comprised of Rev Taylor on vocals, Jesse Berlin and Jacquelynn Ziel on the guitars, Darin Wall on bass, and Nate Butler on drums is back with a new EP, entitled Call of the Hawk, continuing the epic metal stylings of the previous releases while also adding some fresh new elements to their music. Mixed and mastered by Deron Daum, recorded by Deron Daum and Shana Daum at MagicMix Studios, and displaying a kick-ass cover art by GrimuzzA, the EP has everything we love in metal music, from blazing guitar solos and driving rhythms to soaring operatic vocals, harkening back to the golden years of Heavy Metal.

Jesse and Jacquelynn begin slashing their stringed axes in Steelbound, generating a classic, metallic atmosphere accompanied by the rumbling bass by Darin, feeling like a fusion of Queensrÿche and Saxon while Nate dictates the song’s imposing pace with his beats. The title-track Call Of The Hawk  brings to our avid ears an old school, in-your-face sonority inspired by 80’s Heavy Metal, with Rev declaiming the song’s epic words in great fashion while the band’s guitar duo stuns us all with their refined riffs and solos; whereas in Demon Star the band offers us all a galloping pace thanks to the awesome job done by Farin and Nate with their thunderous kitchen, presenting elements found in the music by Iron Maiden, Helloween and Iced Earth. Moreover, Rev’s soaring vocalizations sound very theatrical, always supported by his bandmates’ backing vocals. Then we have Shattered Heart, even more melodic and powerful than its predecessors, or in other words, a lecture in 80’s Heavy and Power Metal by Greyhawk showcasing epic vocal lines, reverberating bass and pounding drums, all spiced up by the razor-edged guitars by Jesse and Jacquelynn. Lastly, it’s time for more of their sharp riffs and rhythmic beats in the form of Take The Throne, a very pleasant mid-tempo tune led by Rev’s vocalizations.

In summary, Call of the Hawk, which is available for a full listen on YouTube and on Spotify, keeps the talented and hardworking Greyhawk flying higher than the sky, spreading the band’s wings all over the world with their classic fusion of Heavy and Power Metal. Hence, in order to show those American metallers your utmost support, don’t forget to follow them on Facebook and on Instagram, and of course to purchase their first-class new EP from their own BandCamp page, from the Fighter Records BandCamp page, or from the Xtreem Music webstore. And after an array of excellent albums, I’m sure it won’t take long for Greyhawk to invite us to fly once again on their metal wings with more of their thrilling creations.

Best moments of the album: Call Of The Hawk and Shattered Heart.

Worst moments of the album: None.

Released in 2022 Fighter Records

Track listing
1. Steelbound 4:10
2. Call Of The Hawk 3:56
3. Demon Star 4:07
4. Shattered Heart 3:26
5. Take The Throne 6:40

Band members
Rev Taylor – vocals
Jesse Berlin – guitars
Jacquelynn Ziel – guitars
Darin Wall – bass
Nate Butler – drums

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