Album Review – Wretched Fate / Carnal Heresy (2023)

***Review by Luke Hayhurst, writer for Morbid Wings (Print) ZineVM Underground Fanzine and***

I find a lot of the cover art that is created by Skadvaldur to be very impressive, but the artwork for Carnal Heresy is a step above even his usual work. This is the sophomoric album from Swedish Death Metal band Wretched Fate and has been put out on CD and LP through those purveyors of all things excellent and dark, Redefining Darkness Records.

Right from the opening moments of Mind Desecrator the carnage on display is all encompassing. A sonically brutal apocalypse of malicious intent laden guitar tones combined with a deep and ominous sounding bass display, as well as a thuggish old school drumming style and gripping vocal work from frontman Adrian Selmani whose rumbling growls are harrowing and yet draw you into every chorus!

Whereas some Death Metal bands like to create a dark and gloomy atmosphere, Wretched Fate sticks doggedly to brutality over everything else, with a viciously technical underbelly in the form of twisting and writhing guitar rhythms. So whilst other bands are focusing on layered atmospherics, Wretched Fate are too busy chugging you into the abyss for any of that!

I wouldn’t expect anything less from an album entitled Carnal Heresy than a full blooded Death Metal beatdown, and these Swedish purveyors of riffs and decimation deliver up a grueling display of powerful and sickening hostility and barbaric violence.

Best moments of the album: I love how the vocals draw you into each chorus!

Worst moments of the album: Nothing, it’s a strong album in all areas.

Released in 2023 by Redefining Darkness Records

Track listing
1. Mind Desecrator 3:24
2. Momentary Suicide 3:25
3. Utterance from the Inhuman Tongue 3:05
4. Cry from Beyond 4:25
5. Umbilical Suffocation 5:26
6. Harlots for Suffering 4:02
7. Upon the Weak 4:40
8. Morbid Testament 4:36
9. Spineless Horror 5:55

Band members
Adrian Selmani – vocals
Mats Andersson – guitars, backing vocals
Fredrik Wikberg – guitars, guitar solo on “Utterance from the Inhuman Tongue”
Robin Magnusson – bass
Samuel Karlstrand – drums

Guest musicians
Alexander Högborn – additional vocals on “Utterance from the Inhuman Tongue”
Mikael Hanni – additional vocals on “Harlots for Suffering”

Wretched Fate Official website | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | BandCamp | Spotify


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