Album Review – Fatalismo / Dominate to Exterminate EP (2023)

Bang your heads to the debut EP by this Puerto Rican Melodic Death Metal horde, telling the story of how sometimes we feel dominated by dark thoughts or by someone with evil intentions.

Hailing from the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico, the newborn Melodic Death Metal squad known as Fatalismo is ready to crush our souls with their debut EP, entitled Dominate to Exterminate, highly recommended for fans of The Crown, Hypocrisy, Dark Tranquility and Kataklysm, among others. Recorded at Music Rite Studio, produced by the band’s own vocalist Abraham Baez, mixed and mastered by their own guitarist Joel Rodriguez, and displaying a sick artwork by Giannis Nakos of Remedy Art Design, Dominate to Exterminate tells the story of how sometimes we feel dominated by dark thoughts or by someone with evil intentions, showcasing all the talent and passion for extreme music by the aforementioned Abraham and Joel alongside bassist Jose Ortiz and drummer Norman Saez.

Joel (with the help of guest guitarist Rafael Sanchez) ignites the band’s Puerto Rican attack with his infernal riffs in Dominate to Exterminate, while Jose blasts his bass manically. Moreover, although their core sound is rooted in Melodic Death Metal, there’s a lot of classic Death Metal to enjoy in their music, and they continue their infuriated onrush in Undeceased, with Norman crushing his drums and inviting us all to slam our cranial skulls into the circle pit while Abraham roars and screams in the name of extreme music. Then adding elements from traditional Thrash Metal to their core sonority the quartet keeps hammering our heads nonstop with their piercing riffs and rumbling bass lines in Darkest Thoughts, not to mention how demented Abraham sounds on vocals; whereas the melodic riffs by Joel and Rafael will penetrate deep inside your mind in The Devil Came to Play, sounding extremely heavy and groovy thanks to the excellent job done by the band’s kitchen of Jose and Norman. Finally, closing such powerful EP we have Sacred Hills, a vicious, neck-breaking extravaganza led by the classic beats by Norman while Abraham keeps vociferating like a beast for our total delight, ending their metallic feast on a high note.

In summary, Dominate to Exterminate might be short in duration, but it effectively represents everything Fatalismo are capable of, and if you want to show your utmost support to the Puerto Rican metal scene you can start following the band on Facebook and on Instagram for news, tour dates and so on, subscribe to their YouTube channel and stream their music on Spotify, and of course purchase a copy of Dominate to Exterminate by clicking HERE. The band offers us all in their new album five songs that at the same deal with fictional stories and the state of mind and emotions of humanity these days, and after listening to its intense 18 minutes of music you’ll quickly realize there’s no better music style to perfectly represent our rotten reality than our good old Death Metal.

Best moments of the album: Undeceased and Sacred Hills.

Worst moments of the album: None.

Released in 2023 Independent

Track listing
1. Dominate to Exterminate 4:33
2. Undeceased 2:46
3. Darkest Thoughts 3:16
4. The Devil Came to Play 3:26
5. Sacred Hills 3:49

Band members
Abraham Baez – vocals
Joel Rodriguez – guitars
Jose Ortiz – bass
Norman Saez – drums

Guest musician
Rafael Sanchez – guitars


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