Album Review – Saint Vermin / Together as None EP (2023)

A Maltese lone wolf attacks our senses with his debut effort, offering 36 minutes of first-class Black Metal deeply rooted in the early days of the genre.

A one-man Black Metal band hailing from the Republic of Malta, the dark and sinister Saint Vermin has just released his debut EP, titled Together as None, offering us all 36 minutes of first-class Black Metal deeply rooted in the early days of the genre. Recorded at Saint Vermin’s home studio Tarxien at Derogatorium in the dead of the heat of the 2022 infernal summer, and mixed and mastered by Mark Azzopardi (also known as Hellcommander Vargblod, of the bands Myronath and Ragnarok) at Minas Morgul Home Studio, who was also responsible for the album’s logo and cover art, Together as None is the representation of the music Saint Vermin has always wanted to compose as a solo Black Metal artist, giving the album an even more organic, raw and vibrant taste.

Wicked, dirty guitars darken the skies in the opening tune Plague of Suicide before Saint Vermin begins vociferating the song’s evil words like a creature form the abyss in a great display of Black Metal magic, whereas sluggish and grim from the very first second, Saint Vermin hammers his drums fiercely in The Saviour We Do Not Want, again showcasing venomous roars and the sharpness of classic Black Metal riffs throughout almost eight minutes of majestic extreme music. Our lone wolf of Black Metal continues his Stygian path in Servant of the Dark, once again paying his personal tribute to old school legends the likes of Immortal and Mayhem; and in the title-track Together as None we’re offered another onrush of ass-kicking Black Metal by Saint Vermin where his riffs and blast beats will crush your damned soul mercilessly. Then we have The Cosmic Eye, highly inspired by some of the darkest creations by the almighty Immortal, bringing forward pounding drums and anguished, grim vocals, and lastly Saint Vermin attacks our senses once again with his grim Black Metal in Against God, with his sick roars matching perfectly with the song’s demonic vibe and pace, ending the EP on a Mephistophelian mode.

You can enjoy the intense and obscure Together as None in all of its glory on YouTube and on Spotify, but of course Saint Vermin would love to have your utmost support by purchasing his album from the Pesttanz Klangschmiede’s BandCamp page or from, and don’t forget to also follow him on Facebook, on Instagram and on YouTube for news, plans for the future, and other nice-to-know information about such promising Black Metal entity. In other words, this cryptic Maltese solo artist is eager to capture your senses and embrace you with his obscure music, placing Together as None as one of the best releases coming from his beautiful homeland from the past few years.

Best moments of the album: The Saviour We Do Not Want and Together as None.

Worst moments of the album: None.

Released in 2023 Pesttanz Klangschmiede

Track listing
1. Plague of Suicide 4:23
2. The Saviour We Do Not Want 7:47
3. Servant of the Dark 4:45
4. Together as None 5:53
5. The Cosmic Eye 5:21
6. Against God 6:35

Band members
Saint Vermin – vocals, all instruments


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