Album Review – Descent Into Maelstrom / Dei Consentes (2023)

Have fun with the farewell opus by this Italian Dodecaphonic Metal entity, a concept album exploring how the Gods of Ancient Rome would present themselves in our modern-day society.

Originally a Dodecaphonic Metal band founded in 2016 as a solo project by guitarist, vocalist and sound engineer Andrea Bignardi, combining the intensity and energy of metal with the intricate, mathematical structures of dodecaphonic music, Piacenza, Italy-based Progressive/Technical Death Metal outfit Descent Into Maelstrom has since expanded to include Mattia Panunzio (Nameless Grave) on lead guitars, Pietro Buzzi (Necroptic) on rhythm guitars, and Michele Augello (Agony Face) on bass, having already released two full-length albums and two EPs, and gearing up now in 2023 to release their third and final full-length opus, titled Dei Consentes. The most direct and powerful effort that the band has ever created, Dei Consentes, which translates from Latin as “God’s consent”, is a 12-track concept album that explores how the Gods of Ancient Rome would present themselves in our modern society if they existed today, with the music uniting twisted and complex rhythms, savage riffing and a gratifyingly dark ambience in the vein of Death, Pestilence and Edge Of Sanity.

Dissonant, devilish and chaotic form the very first second, the opening tune Cinis et Pulvis (or “ashes and dust” from Latin) will darken your mind to the sound of the deep guttural by Andrea, resulting in the epitome of Dodecaphonic Metal, followed by Triumphus Falsarius Daemonium (“false triumph of the demons”), where Mattia and Pietro offer Andrea the perfect support with their slashing riffage and solos while Michele sounds absolutely bestial with his rumbling bass. Then we have Abyssus Devorat Terram (“the abyss devours the earth”), blending the fury of classic Death Metal with their unique progressive and technical sound, or in other words, a song perfect for “slipping into madness”; and there’s no time to breathe as their sonic Death Metal avalanche goes on in Infecundus (“unborn”), with Michele’s metallic bass adding sheer groove to the stringed attack by his bandmates. The first single of the album, titled Pater (“father”), will smash your cranial skull thanks to its massive blast beast and the inhumane roars by Andrea, whereas an imposing start explodes into the band’s somber, technical Death Metal in Silvarum Patrona (“patroness of the forests”), with Michele once again stealing the spotlight with his menacing bass.

The second half of the album begins with Deus Sol Invictus (“the invincible sun god”), another Death Metal onrush by the quartet showcasing their usual fury and dexterity with all instruments exhaling fire and insanity; and slowing things down a bit and investing in a more melodic sound and vibe, Andrea, Mattia and Pietro will pierce your ears with their strident riffs in Amor Sola Lex (“love is the only law”). Back to their most visceral mode, the quartet is ready to go to war in Deus Belli (“god of war”), presenting an amazing guitar job done by the band’s axe triumvirate while Andrea growls deeply nonstop, flowing into the absolutely technical instrumental feast Silentium (“silence”), continuing the band’s path of melodic savagery led by the intricate bass by Michele. Their second to last blast of Dodecaphonic Metal, titled Mater (“mother”), keeps the album at a high level of violence and obscurity, with Andrea leading his horde armed with his visceral growls and sick riffs; while lastly we’re treated to Defloratio Gratiae (“defloration of grace”), a brutal yet very intricate display of Death Metal where once again Michele’s bass lines sound ruthless.

“We regret to inform you that our band will be coming to an end after the release of our final album, Dei Consentes. We have had an incredible journey together, and we are grateful for all of the love and support you have given us throughout the years. This album is a culmination of all of our hard work and dedication to our craft, and we hope that it will be a fitting farewell. We want to thank each and every one of you for being a part of our journey. It has been an honor to make music for you, and we will treasure the memories we have made together. Thank you for everything,” commented Andrea about the end of the band and their farewell opus, and if you want to say goodbye to Descent Into Maelstrom and tell them you’ll miss their wicked music, you can find the band on Facebook, and of course you can also purchase Dei Consentes by clicking HERE. And may the Ancient Gods change Andrea’s mind and we see Descent Into Maelstrom get reborn in the future to keep blasting our heads with their dodecaphonic craziness.

Best moments of the album: Triumphus Falsarius Daemonium, Silvarum Patrona and Deus Belli.

Worst moments of the album: Amor Sola Lex.

Released in 2023 Club Inferno Ent.

Track listing
1. Cinis et Pulvis 4:22
2. Triumphus Falsarius Daemonium 3:27
3. Abyssus Devorat Terram 3:12
4. Infecundus 5:16
5. Pater 4:31
6. Silvarum Patrona 4:32
7. Deus Sol Invictus 4:20
8. Amor Sola Lex 4:15
9. Deus Belli 1:59
10. Silentium 5:42
11. Mater 3:24
12. Defloratio Gratiae 4:36

Band members
Andrea Bignardi – vocals, rhythm guitars
Mattia Panunzio – lead guitars
Pietro Buzzi – rhythm guitars
Michele Augello – bass


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