Album Review – Imperial Demonic / Beneath the Crimson Eclipse EP (2023)

As above, so below, this Northern Ireland-based Melodic Black Metal horde will see you in hell armed with their breathtaking debut effort.

Having first emerged back in 2021 in Belfast, Northern Ireland as a solo project by drummer Cameron Åhslund-Glass (Celtachor, Darkest Era, Overoth), paying homage to the more polished Black Metal sound of the late 90’s and early 2000’s, but currently comprised of Cameron together with Andy Heathen (Celtachor, Overoth) on vocals, Daniel Dempster (Overoth) and Kacper Lewandowski on the guitars, and Gareth Murdock (Alestorm) on bass, the pulverizing Melodic Black Metal horde Imperial Demonic has just unleashed upon humanity their debut effort, a fantastic EP titled Beneath the Crimson Eclipse, bringing the fire and brimstone back to modern Black Metal. Recorded at Third Level Audio, engineered and produced by James Reeve and the band’s own Kacper Lewandowski, and displaying a sinister artwork by Romanian artist Luciana Nedelea (with logo by Nox Fragor Art and album cover arrangements by Anaïs Mulgrew), Beneath the Crimson Eclipse brings forward a fusion of fury and triumph, aggression and melody, with the band pursuing a heavier, more aggressive territory with relentless blast beats, melodic hooks and visceral lyrics.

As a creature crawling from the underworld, the band begins their caustic sonic attack with The Furnace, an imposing Black Metal aria where Andy roars majestically accompanied by the infernal drums by Cameron, kicking off the EP on a beyond sulfurous note; whereas Daniel and Kacper extract strident, piercing Black Metal riffs form their axes in Ways Of The Secular Flesh, offering us all nonstop action while Gareth hammers his bass like a maniac. Then once again embellishing the airwaves with their pulverizing riffs, bass lines and blast beats, the band brings forward The Path Of Night, living up to the legacy of contemporary Melodic Black Metal while Andy sounds inhumane on vocals as usual; and keeping the level of sulfur and obscurity as high as possible, Andy screams in anger in Dawn Of The Infernal Age, supported by another infernal performance by Cameron on drums in a lecture in Melodic Black Metal. Lastly, closing such fantastic and intense EP we have Beneath The Crimson Eclipse, offering us all more of the band’s austere sounds with Gareth and Cameron making sure the atmosphere remains as sulfurous as possible, while Daniel and Kacper fire their undisputed Black Metal riffs nonstop for our total delight.

This precious gem of darkness is available for a full and detailed listen on YouTube and on Spotify, but you can certainly show your utmost support to the guys from Imperial Demonic by clicking HERE and purchasing your favorite version of Beneath the Crimson Eclipse. Don’t forget to also start following the band on Facebook and on Instagram for news, tour dates and more of their Stygian music, showing all your appreciation for their wicked creations. In the thrilling Beneath the Crimson Eclipse, Imperial Demonic delivered exactly what they said they would, sounding heavily rooted in that scorching Black Metal sound from the 90’s and 2000’s without sounding repetitive or outdated, and I can’t wait to see what’s next in the career of Cameron and his horde.

Best moments of the album: The Path Of Night and Dawn Of The Infernal Age.

Worst moments of the album: None.

Released in 2023 Black Lion Records

Track listing
1. The Furnace 3:40
2. Ways Of The Secular Flesh 4:44
3. The Path Of Night 7:20
4. Dawn Of The Infernal Age 4:49
5. Beneath The Crimson Eclipse 6:02

Band members
Andy Heathen – vocals
Daniel Dempster – lead guitars
Kacper Lewandowski – rhythm and additional guitars
Gareth Murdock – bass
Cameron Åhslund-Glass – drums


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