Album Review – Forte Ruin / Forte Ruin EP (2015)

A cohesive and entertaining display of Melodic Death Metal, directly from Finland into our minds and souls.


EP_CoverIf someone says Finnish Melodic Death Metal band Forte Ruin are more like a family than just a regular band, that person won’t be lying at all. The guitar duo comprised of Saku and Samu Aaltonen, together with drummer Jere Aaltonen, are the electric brotherhood that keeps the band’s engine running fast and efficiently, with lead singer Arttu Ruusunen, bassist Arto Viitanen and keyboardist Veli-Matti Kyllönen adding loads of extra fuel to their compositions, thus culminating in high-end music like what you’ll find in their self-titled debut EP, Forte Ruin.

The band was originally founded in 2011 in the city of Lahti, Finland under a different name, but after some major changes in their line-up they decided it was also necessary to adopt a new heading for their six-piece cohort. In regards to the overall production of the EP, it is truly remarkable how professional and organic the band sounds, having recorded everything by themselves without the help of any external sources, except for the recording of drums in a real studio. And after listening to this short and sweet display of Melodic Death Metal you’ll feel eager for more of their dynamism and energy in an upcoming EP or even a full-length studio album in a not-so-distant future.

You can sense influences from In Flames, Soilwork and the more contemporary American Alternative/Melodic Death Metal in the first of the three tracks, Alienated Humanity, where as expected there’s an embracing and eerie atmosphere created by its keyboards thanks to the excellent job done by Veli-Matti. In addition, its strong vocal lines (especially the screams and growls by Arttu) and catchy chorus enhance the impact of the song to the listener, making it the perfect opening to instantly captivate the crowd during their live performances.

Forte Ruin promoIn the excellent 45 Days, a thrilling start is augmented by powerful drums and solid riffs until the music reaches its full force, yet again showcasing ass-kicking sinister keyboard notes. Moreover, its straightforward rhythm and harmonious instrumental end up turning it into the best of all three tracks in my opinion, with highlights to the tuneful guitar lines by Saku and Samu and to the keen progressive touch added by the whole band at the end of the song.

Lastly, Enter The Masquerade presents melancholy and melody together in a pleasant composition the likes of the latest works by Arch Enemy and other Scandinavian Melodic Death Metal bands. Its clean vocals are more incisive and therefore more effective in this tune, with elements of Symphonic Black Metal and Progressive Metal increasing the song’s range and complexity. Not only this is another track with a powerful chorus, but its ending is a thing of beauty and the perfect hook for their next release.

Forte Ruin can be reached at their Facebook page, YouTube channel and SoundCloud, and you can also become part of their family by purchasing their EP at their BandCamp page or at the Record Shop X webstore. As long as we keep supporting underground metal music, bands like Forte Ruin will keep rising from all over the world, and while those bands keep working hard and never give up their dreams and goals, more amazing music such as this cohesive and exciting EP of Melodic Death Metal will keep invading our minds and souls for our total amusement.

Best moments of the album: 45 Days.

Worst moments of the album: None.

Released in 2015 Independent

Track listing
1. Alienated Humanity 3:46
2. 45 Days 3:41
3. Enter The Masquerade 5:52

Band members
Arttu Ruusunen – lead vocals
Saku Aaltonen – guitars & backing vocals
Samu Aaltonen – guitars & backing vocals
Arto Viitanen – bass & backing vocals
Veli-Matti Kyllönen – keyboards
Jere Aaltonen – drums

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