Album Review – Fractal Generator / Apotheosynthesis (2015)

A chaotic and thrilling Death Metal album in perfect harmony with human ambition, representing in an apocalyptical way what lies ahead for our unbalanced world.


“The universe is not required to be in perfect harmony with human ambition.” – Carl Sagan

Those thoughtful words by American astronomer Carl Sagan are not only bang on to describe all the ravaging chaos and disorder caused by mankind that’s leading our world to a dreadful end, but also extremely accurate in depicting the insane music found in Apotheosynthesis, the debut full-length album by Canadian Atmospheric Death Metal act Fractal Generator.

According to this Sudbury-based band, who by the way are located at the specific coordinates 46.471716, -81.186792, the word “apotheosynthesis” means “to distill something to the essence of perfection”, and that’s what this power trio proposes during the entire album with their solid blend of extreme music, science, space, the chaos theory, a sci-fi ambience, technology and synthetic feelings. Moreover, it’s interesting to notice the evolution in their compositions from their 2008 demo The Cannibalism of Objects to Apotheosynthesis, as if the band progressed at the same roaring pace as our society, which ends up adding an extra layer of veracity to the new album.

The sonic devastation Cycle kicks off this intricate album offering a mix of the most brutal Death Metal with progressiveness and harmonious passages, without stopping or slowing down for a single second, and with the growls by lead singer/bassist 040118180514 (whose real name is Darren Favot) sounding like an ominous cosmic creature behind all the chaotic havoc generated by all instruments; followed by the magnificent Face Of The Apocalypse, where its futuristic intro, blast beats and harsh vocal lines generate a dense and dark atmosphere. While drummer 040114090512 (aka Dan Favot) sounds like a hammering machine, the bass lines by 040118180514 keep punching you in the head mercilessly, leaving you completely disoriented after this amazing display of extreme music ends. In addition, its lyrics couldn’t be more realistic in regards to what mankind is doing to the entire planet (“Endless replication / A cancerous mutation / Of the mother earth / Merciless consumption / An unprecedented emergency”).

Fractal Generator band pictureAbandon Earth has a very suggestive (and true) name perfectly represented in the music (which contains elements from the best Death Metal bands in history such as Deicide, Cannibal Corpse and Morbid Angel) as the hopeless state we’re living in, with highlights to the sinister riffs by guitarist 102119200914 (aka Justin Rienguette) and the furious experimentation crafted by the band. Then we have a fuckin’ massacre entitled Into The Unknown, a very solid tune from start to finish where drummer 040114090512 sounds like a heartless beast while its riffs give a sense of despair and madness; and Paragon, more inclined to traditional Death Metal with hints of Blackened Death Metal (which is always a good thing) and even Black Metal. It’s one of the best of all tracks, very technical and organic (representing the band’s essence), especially due to the sound of its bass guitar which kind of makes us bang our heads like crazy to this evil chant.

The following tune, Human, should have its name changed to “inhuman” due to its infernal rhythm, because no regular human being is capable of crafting such brutish musicality. Its bass and riffs are highly influenced by the unique sounding of Death Metal giants Cannibal Corpse, and I’m certain no one can survive the live performances by Fractal Generator with wicked songs like this one being played. And if you think the band will slow down anytime you’re absolutely wrong, as they keep firing insane riffs, beats and fills in The Singularity, showcasing an outstanding performance by 040114090512 behind his drum kit and an old school vibe with the welcome addition of elements from modern extreme music, while in Synthetic Symbiosis they somehow managed to deliver an even darker sounding where violence is taken to the highest possible level. Besides, the synchronicity between riffs and drumming is what makes this song so enjoyable and full-bodied, and just in case you survive this wonderful onslaught get ready for the aftermath in the creepy tune Reflections, the perfect soundtrack for the end of the world, focusing on its dense instrumental rather than on vocals or lyrics (which are barely existent in this case) before the music fades away, being replaced by a melancholic ambience. I might be wrong, but it seems there’s a trend for Death Metal bands who rely on specific themes on their albums to always craft a climatic ending to their releases, which ends up augmenting the value and dynamism of the overall result.

In order to get a hold of this cosmic battle developed by Fractal Generator, go check the band’s Facebook page, YouTube channel and ReverbNation page. And after all is said and done, we all must agree with Carl Sagan that the universe is not required to be in perfect harmony with human ambition, but also that this talented Canadian act makes sure their chaotic and thrilling music is, representing in an apocalyptical way what lies ahead for our unbalanced world.

Best moments of the album: Face Of The Apocalypse, Paragon and Synthetic Symbiosis.

Worst moments of the album: None.

Released in 2015 Independent

Track listing
1. Cycle 4:09
2. Face Of The Apocalypse 4:18
3. Abandon Earth 5:43
4. Into The Unknown 4:47
5. Paragon 4:25
6. Human 4:54
7. The Singularity 4:19
8. Synthetic Symbiosis 4:08
9. Reflections 8:54

Band members
040118180514 – vocals, bass
102119200914 – guitar, backing vocals
040114090512 – drums

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