Album Review – The Last Prophecy / Hate Is My Mentor EP (2023)

A young, rising Melodic Death/Thrash Metal band from Finland will kick you in the head to the sound of their new EP, sounding faster, heavier and more ferocious than ever.

A young, rising Melodic Death/Thrash Metal band formed in early 2021 in Espoo, Finland, the four-piece act known as The Last Prophecy has been connecting the best bits of Thrash Metal and Melodeath since their inception, crafting their own sound while also honoring their main influences including In Flames and Children Of Bodom. Now in 2023 the quartet formed of Joakim Haahtela on vocals and guitars, Petteri Karinen also on the guitars, Saku Kivirinne on bass, and Henri Toropainen on drums unleashed upon us a 25-minute EP titled Hate Is My Mentor, sounding faster, heavier and more ferocious than ever, with the mixing and mastering by the band’s own Petteri and Henri and the artwork by @dodolokstrom bringing an extra touch of insanity to the album, therefore positioning the band as one of the must-see new names of the current Finnish scene.

The guitars by Joakim and Petteri bring the noise to the opening tune Deranged, slashing our ears in great fashion in the name of Melodic Death Metal supported by the pounding drums by Henri; whereas Dead Forever is even groovier and heavier thanks to the rumbling kitchen blasted by Saku and Henri, or in other words, it’s an amazing option to slam into the pit while Joakim vociferates rabidly. Then drinking from the same fountain as Scandinavian giants the likes of Soilwork, In Flames and Arch Enemy (while also adding their own Death Metal twist to the overall result), we have Dark Sky of the Dawn, where another amazing guitar job by Joakim and Petteri keeps the song’s energy level truly high; followed by the title-track Hate Is My Mentor, which beings in a serene manner before evolving into another classy Melodic Death Metal feast, showcasing dark lyrics (“Restless soul in darkness / Waiting for salvation / World’s turning its back / Sing the song of death / While holding your breath / Aid is never here / It’s a one-way path / Light has passed away / This is the last day”) amidst a neck-breaking sonority. Finally, closing the EP the quartet offers us all Course of War, again delivering their usual incendiary riffage while Henri dictates the pace with his intricate and hammering drums.

Such fun and vibrant EP is available in its entirety on Youtube and on Spotify, and of course if you want to show the guys from The Last Prophecy how much you enjoy their music you can give them a shout on Facebook and on Instagram, subscribe to their YouTube channel, and purchase a copy of Hate Is My Mentor from Apple Music or by clicking HERE. The EP already gives the listener a very good idea of how exciting the music by The Last Prophecy is, and now those Finnish metallers have the mission of delivering an even bolder, faster and heavier full-length album in the near future. Well, I’m sure they’ll get there even if it’s hard to beat the quality of the songs from Hate Is My Mentor, don’t you agree?

Best moments of the album: Dead Forever and Dark Sky of the Dawn.

Worst moments of the album: None.

Released in 2023 Independent

Track listing
1. Deranged 3:52
2. Dead Forever 5:56
3. Dark Sky of the Dawn 3:42
4. Hate Is My Mentor 6:13
5. Course of War 5:34

Band members
Joakim Haahtela – vocals, guitars
Petteri Karinen – guitars
Saku Kivirinne – bass
Henri Toropainen – drums


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