The Metal Moose Show – Episode 2016-02-07

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On The Metal Moose Show this week:

1. Serafem – Eyes
2. From Ashes To New – Downfall
3. Ironsights – Destroyer
4. Perpetual Dementia – At Wars Edge
5. Extraterrestrial Time Travelers – Blew Cum
6. Autoerotica – Alone
7. Jessikill – The Beast
8. Fall – You Were But A Shade
9. Tylor Dory Trio – Time The Beholder
10. Silent Line – Black And White
11. [EVERTRAPPED] – Palace Of Injustice
12. Savanth – Lobo Gris
13. Second To Sun – The Blood Libel
14. The Oath – Never To Be Seen Again
15. Angelseed – The Healer
16. Dark Symphonica – Farewell
17. Grit – Righteous Kill
18. Sleepers Guilt – Sense Of An Ending

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Album Review – [EVERTRAPPED] / Under The Deep (2015)

Do you want to know what lies under the deepest and darkest regions of the human soul? This vicious and ruthless album might have all the answers you’ve been searching for.


Album Cover - Evertrapped - Undert The DeepEveryone knows how fertile and multifaceted the metallic scene in Montreal, Quebec, Canada has always been. There are so many excellent bands hailing from all parts of the city it’s hard to pick just a few, and since 2007 there’s another amazing act added to that distinct group delivering heavy and groovy chants for the delight of fans of Melodic Death Metal, peculiarly named [EVERTRAPPED]. That’s right, this five-piece band has their name intentionally written with enclosed brackets, which according to the band members signifies the trappings of modern life for all of us and how people, despite their best attempts to break out of the mold, are still affixed to a simple controlled existence and futility.

If you’re a fan of the cataclysmic sounding by bands such as Arch Enemy, Whitechapel, Mnemic, Lamb Of God and Threat Signal, among others, you’ll definitely enjoy what [EVERTRAPPED] have to offer with their brand new album, entitled Under The Deep, an exploration of the deepest reaches of human madness, the darkest regions of the soul and the blackest part of the human heart. Both the music and the lyrics in Under The Deep follow that modern and obscure concept, elevating the impact of the sharp venom blasted by this talented quintet throughout the entire album.

Under The Deep kicks off with the sinister and calm intro […], offering some piano notes before the guitars and a charming female voice appear to help build the ambience for the devastating Arise From The Ashes, sounding like almost pure Death Metal so heavy it is. James Brookes comes crushing everything with his deranged growls, whereas it’s easy to notice how technical drummer Eric Lemire is even amidst all the destruction crafted by the whole band. The massacre goes on in the sick tune entitled Underneath The Deep, one of those songs to break your fuckin’ neck headbanging where James gets even more demonic on vocals, but at the same time with the melodic guitar lines by Frederick Dupuis and Vincent Benoit giving more balance to the final result.

Evertrapped - Press Photo - credit - Luc DelormeIn Palace Of Injustice, [EVERTRAPPED] get closer to the musicality by Lamb Of God, firing merciless beats and huge doses of anger and insanity in an extremely dense and dark way, ripping your heart and soul until the song’s eccentric ending; while in Hypnotized By Hatred, a kick-ass tune that flirts with Black Metal in some instances, the band adds thrashier and darker elements to the music, switching from sheer speed to neck-breaking riffs and vice-versa a few times before the song is over. And there will be blood in the following song, another blackened chant entitled Blood Of The Fallen, where James growls like a beast while the other band members smash their instruments, creating a truly brutish atmosphere. It’s incredibly heavier than any Melodic Death Metal band on earth, with highlights to its spot-on guitar solos.

Lethal District shows us all that the band never gets tired at all of being so brutal, despite this being a more progressive song with interesting breaks thanks to the excellent job done by bassist John Yates and drummer Eric Lemire. Then we have another solid and technical display of their boisterous metal named Burning Through Vengeance, offering us relentless beats enhanced by its background atmosphere together with a very melodic and imposing rhythm, followed by the rhythmic and dark Reaper, with the harsh screams by James leading the music to a total state of dementia while Frederick and Vicent keep discharging powerful riffs and solos through their guitars. And last but not least, there was no better way to close the album than piercing our ears and lacerating our minds with the deadly tune Embrace The End. Simply bang your head nonstop to this awesome riff until the song’s climatic ending, it’s definitely worth the pain.

Do you want to know what lies under the deepest and darkest regions of the human soul? If you’re up for this thrilling challenge, all you have to do is visit the band’s Facebook page and YouTube channel, as well as their BandCamp page in case you you want to take a better listen to Under The Deep and obviously purchase the album. And when you get deep down there, be ready to have your heart poisoned (in a good way) by the music by [EVERTRAPPED] and have your soul unleashed from your hollow existence.

Best moments of the album: Underneath The Deep, Hypnotized By Hatred and Blood Of The Fallen.

Worst moments of the album: Lethal District.

Released in 2015 Hellstorm Recordz

Track listing
1. […] 1:58
2. Arise From The Ashes 5:40
3. Underneath The Deep 5:50
4. Palace Of Injustice 6:06
5. Hypnotized By Hatred 5:26
6. Blood Of The Fallen 5:05
7. Lethal District 6:28
8. Burning Through Vengeance 5:36
9. Reaper 5:30
10. Embrace The End 5:55

Band members
James Brookes – vocals
Frederick Dupuis – rhythm and lead guitars
Vincent Benoit – rhythm and lead guitars
John Yates – bass
Eric Lemire – drums