Album Review – Gasoline Guns / Motor Cult (2021)

Time to join this Ukrainian cult of gasoline, guns, rum, whiskey, bourbon and badass Rock N’ Roll.


gasoline-guns-motor-cult-2021Bringing to our avid ears another round of their high-octane fusion of Heavy Metal, Rock N’ Roll and Hard Rock spiced up by ass-kicking harsh vocals, a combination the band itself likes to call “Metal N’ Roll”, the flammable Motor Cult, the brand new opus by Chernihiv, Ukraine-based metal drunkards Gasoline Guns, is a fun and vibrant collection of nine songs about a post-apocalypse and explosive world, blazing whiskey, fate, dusty roads and, of course, our good old, infernal Rock N’ Roll. Recorded, mixed and mastered at Higain Records and displaying a gasoline and coal-fueled artwork by Ian Guy the Motoring Artist, Motor Cult continues to pave the rockin’ path created by vocalist Dmytro “Talladega”, guitarists Danylo Sobolev and Volodymyr Zvol, bassist Andrew Moyseenko and drummer Volodymyr back in 2013, not only being the perfect follow-up to their 2015 demo and their 2016 full-length album Rust’n’Dust, but also a must-have for admirers of the fusion of burning fuel and badass riffs by bands such as Chrome Division and Motörhead.

Rev up your engines and join Gasoline Guns’ rockin’ feast in the alcohol-infused opening track Bourbon Burns, where Dmytro fires his trademark raspy vocals while Volodymyr crushes his drums in the best Motörhead style, whereas in Under Wicked Sky the raw and dirty lyrics barked by Dmytro (“There is no going back / And hope is a mistake / One more race, one more chase / One more lovely day / Riding road of fury / Riding road of pain / You live, you die / But you will live again”) bring even more thunder to the visceral riffs and solos blasted by Danylo and Volodymyr Zvol, resulting in a fast-paced ode to pure, unfiltered Rock N’ Roll. Their acid hybrid of Heavy Metal and Rock N’ Roll strikes again in the form of Hell Thunder, where the Lemmy-inspired bass by Andrew will make your head tremble mercilessly; and reminding us of the early days of Chrome Division, those Ukrainian rockers deliver a frantic tune entitled Gasoline and Guns, inviting us all to scream and shout the song’s catchy chorus together with them while Volodymyr dictates the pace with his pounding beats, not to mention Danylo’s sick guitar solo.

It’s not a true Rock N’ Roll album without a song with a Spanish name inspired by Mexican gunslingers, and that’s exactly what Gasoline Guns offer us all with tons of alcohol, bullets flying everywhere and the breathtaking sound of their guitars in El Pistolero, and the skies will get darker and the air heavier in the Stoner, Southern and Sludge Metal tune This Road Is a Snake, where Dmytro continues to tell tales of the life on the road with his inebriate vocals. Those five Ukrainian rockers keep hammering our heads with their vicious sounds in Nothing to Prove, where the riffage by Danylo and Volodymyr Zvol will penetrate deep inside your skin and invite you for a bloody pub brawl, and the band’s guitar duo, together with Andrew, will put you to bang your head like a metal maniac in the awesome Wheels of Rust, a classic Rock N’ Roll extravaganza with no shenanigans that will please all fans of the genre. Finally, we’re treated to And That’s Why We Drink, urging us metalheads to grab our glasses and bottles and join Gasoline Guns in their metallic tribute to all things alcohol, led by the always heavy and unfriendly voice of Mr. Dmytro “Talladega”.

gasoline-guns-2021After all is said and done, it’s time to put the pedal to the metal and hit the road together with Gasoline Guns to the sound of Motor Cult, and in order to do so you can stream their awesome new album in its entirety on YouTube and on Spotify, follow the band on Facebook and on Instagram, subscribe to their YouTube channel, and above all that, purchase Motor Cult from their own BandCamp page or from Apple Music, showing all your support to the underground. In the end, who doesn’t want to join a Ukrainian cult of gasoline, guns, rum, whiskey, bourbon and badass Rock N’ Roll, right? That’s all we need to find our inner strength to endure this dangerous highway we all like to call life.

Best moments of the album: Under Wicked Sky, Gasoline and Guns and Wheels of Rust.

Worst moments of the album: None, you bastards!

Released in 2021 Mythrone Promotion / Defense Records

Track listing   
1. Bourbon Burns 3:02
2. Under Wicked Sky 2:32
3. Hell Thunder 3:08
4. Gasoline and Guns 4:08
5. El Pistolero 3:54
6. This Road Is a Snake 5:07
7. Nothing to Prove 3:58
8. Wheels of Rust 4:25
9. And That’s Why We Drink 4:42

Band members
Dmytro “Talladega” – vocals
Danylo Sobolev – lead guitars
Volodymyr Zvol – rhythm guitars
Andrew Moyseenko – bass
Volodymyr – drums

Album Review – Gasoline Guns / Metal ‘N’ Roll EP (2015)

Let these Ukrainian rockers show you what real badass Rock N’ Roll is all about with their inebriate and flaming attitude.


GG_demo_frontPraising whiskey, fighting, burning gasoline and, of course, our beloved Rock N’ Roll, Ukrainian Metal N’ Roll wolfpack Gasoline Guns might sound as just a tribute to the badass rock music by Motörhead at first, but pay close attention to their music and you’ll see those guys have a lot more to offer to all fans of raspy vocals and dirty riffs. And if you take into consideration the fact that their brand new release “entitled” Metal ‘N’ Roll is actually a demo, even with the overall quality of the songs and the production being significantly better than lots of renowned bands who have been on the road for many years, you’ll get all the more impressed by those Ukrainian rockers.

As aforementioned, Metal ‘N’ Roll is considered by Gasoline Guns themselves as just a demo version of what they can generate, but let’s give this Chernihiv-based band some credit for the awesome work done and call it an EP for reviewing purposes. Although the band has been rocking around since 2013, it’s now in 2015 that they seem ready for hitting the entire world with their uncompromising attitude and boozy musicality, and this demo carries all the elements they need to show everyone that crosses their path what they’re capable of.

The opening track, Jokers 666, sounds indeed like they’re paying homage to the iconic Ian Fraser “Lemmy” Kilmister and his road crew, with its catchy riffs and accelerated rhythm guaranteeing the fun for the listener and the vocals by Dmytro being slightly more demonic than usual Rock N’ Roll. If someone asked me to label this type of music, I would suggest something like “Beer N’ Roll” for sure, and yet again I have to mention the outstanding level of professionalism for what’s supposed to be just a demo. Putting the pedal to the metal like no one else, they were able to get even thrashier in the excellent This Hook Got Caught Up You, where the sick low-tuned bass lines by Andriy combined to the exciting drums by Volodymyr will inspire you for a nasty pub fight. I dare you to stand still during this killer tune, and if you do, I’m sorry but I’ll have to ask you to stop reading this review and go listen to some shitty songs from the always awful Top 40.

gasoline gunsHowever, Gasoline Guns are not just pure Rock N’ Roll, but they can also bring forth some dirty and crude Hard Rock such as Blaze Up, which straightforward musicality is exactly what’s needed to electrify whoever is listening to it. Dmytro leads the party with his inebriate vocals, while the rest of the band adds their rockin’ gasoline to the music to blaze up the house. And next time I want to see more cowbell, please! Well, if you didn’t get this joke, simply grab your bottle of Jack Daniel’s, chug it and hit the floor for some crazy headbanging in Whiskey Funeral Spell, where the riffs by Volodymyr couldn’t sound grimier (in the best way possible, of course), strengthening the quality of the music considerably. As they scream during the song, they’re “drunk as hell”, and we all have to agree that this ethylic element adds a lot of power to their musicality, right?

Anyway, closing this amazing demo we have Panzer Rock ‘N’ Roll, one of the coolest Rock N’ Roll tunes I’ve heard recently. It’s extremely simple, but so effective you’ll start moshing even if you’re all alone thanks to the thrilling riffs by Volodymyr and another great performance by Dmytro, turning it into a heavy rock anthem of the modern era. Put differently, if you truly have Rock N’ Roll flowing inside your veins, I’m sure you’ll listen to this newborn classic nonstop for days in a row.

And not only you can get in touch with this awesome band from Ukraine through their Facebook page, VKontakte, YouTube channel and BandCamp page, but especially if you’re an underground record label you should be aware Gasoline Guns are currently searching for somebody like YOU to release their very first full-length album, which is already recorded and just waiting for your external help to reach complete combustion. If I were you, I would definitely give this promising Ukrainian road crew a chance, and let them show the entire world what real badass Rock N’ Roll is all about.

Best moments of the album: Panzer Rock ‘N’ Roll.

Worst moments of the album: None, of course.

Released in 2015 Independent

Track listing
1. Jokers 666 2:36
2. This Hook Got Caught Up You 2:18
3. Blaze Up 3:33
4. Whiskey Funeral Spell 3:43
5. Panzer Rock ‘N’ Roll 3:37

Band members
Dmytro – vocals
Volodymyr – guitar
Andriy – bass
Volodymyr – drums