Album Review – False Gods / Wasteland EP (2016)

Doom Metal from Long Island has never been that sludgy, heavy and awesome.


false gods_wastelandIf you’re a heavy music fan heading to the multicultural city of New York anytime soon, I recommend you check the agenda of Sludge/Doom Metal act False Gods, because if there’s one thing those metallers are capable of doing is delivering kick-ass music as heavy as hell. Inspired by the dark music crafted by bands such as Black Sabbath, Crowbar and Corrosion of Confomity, False Gods blend the traditional sounding of Sludge, Stoner and Doom Metal with hints of Hardcore injected into their musicality due to the humongous amount of excellent bands that play that type of music in their area, and as a result we have their debut EP entitled Wasteland.

Would the title of the EP be a reference to their hometown Patchogue, a village on the south shore of Long Island in Suffolk County, located about two hours from New York? Anyway, formed in 2015, this talented four-piece group aims at creating music with no boundaries, always adding to their compositions elements found in the music by distinct extreme bands like Eyehategod, Black Flag and Carnivore, as well as the aforementioned biggest influences of the band. And although Wasteland is comprised of only five tracks, there’s enough material, hatred and energy for you to bang your head nonstop and have a few pints while listening to the band’s unruly metal music.

Can you feel the drums pounding your brain in the opening track, named Despot? Well, when the guitars by Greg March and especially the angered grasps by Mike Stack join those beats by Paulie Stack, we’re treated to the darkest form of sludge Metal available, with highlights to the solid and exciting second half of this grim chant. Following that promising start, the title-track Wasteland brings forward a traditional doom-ish ambience where Mike has all he needs to sound visceral and crusty, with his barks getting to a point they sound like coming out of a Grindcore vocalist (or a dying pig, in a good way of course). And get ready for the song’s ending, with an angry Paulie pounding his drums pitifully for our total delight.

false godsMy favorite of the five songs is undoubtedly Grant Me Revenge, a dynamic and thrilling fusion of Sludge Metal with Thrash and Death Metal where Greg has an amazing performance firing his disturbing riffs, no matter if the speed of the song is as fast as a traditional thrashy tune or if it’s sludger than a classic Doom Metal hymn. I must say we should all give a lot of respect to False Gods for what they put together in this amazing song, and I really hope they provide us more of this modern and at the same time old school Sludge Metal in a not-so-distant future (most probably when they release their first full-length album).

If you thought the previous songs in Wasteland were sludgy, you’ll be surprised by the obscurity found in Worship As Intellectual Tyranny, thanks mainly to the magic Brian “Bro Town” Krasinkey does with his potent bass lines. This song proves that sometimes Sludge and Doom Metal can be heavier than the meanest form of Black Metal depending on how talented the members of a band are, which is the case with False Gods. And lastly, the longest of all five tracks, named I Can See You (For What You Truly Are), closes the EP on “doom mode” with its six minutes of shadows and grief, with Paulie providing spot-on beats while Greg and Bro Town smash their chords like there’s no tomorrow, culminating in a darkened and climatic ending.

I guess Doom Metal from Long Island has never been that good, and in order to know more about this promising quartet go check their Facebook and SoundCloud, and obviously go grab your copy of Wasteland at the band’s official BandCamp or at CD Baby. As I said before, despite this excellent EP being just a “sample” of what False Gods can do, it still has enough darkness and heaviness for you, diehard fan of Sludge Metal, and after listening to it you’ll be eager for more of their disquieting sounding.

Best moments of the album: Grant Me Revenge.

Worst moments of the album: None.

Released in 2016 Independent

Track listing
1. Despot 4:51
2. Wasteland 5:15
3. Grant Me Revenge 4:11
4. Worship As Intellectual Tyranny 4:02
5. I Can See You (For What You Truly Are) 5:48

Band members
Mike Stack – vocals
Greg March – guitar
Brian “Bro Town” Krasinkey – bass
Paulie Stack – drums

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