Album Review – Imperial Execration / Commanding Satan’s Crusades (2022)

A Colombian Death Metal horde based in the UK is inviting us all to join Satan’s crusades to the sound of their pustulent psalms of inverted sanctity.

At the spearhead of a new assault upon the bulwarks of civilization comes the barbaric Brutal Death Metal/Deathslam horde of Imperial Execration, armed with the rotting horror of their debut album Commanding Satan’s Crusades. Formed in 2019 by two Colombian musicians now relocated to the UK, drummer Ruben Jaramillio (Ataud, Engulfed In Abomination), and guitarist and bassist Eduardo Camargo (Ataud, Goreinhaled, Despondency), this putrid platoon of Satan’s soldiers is completed by the bestial bellows of the infamous Colombian vocalist Oscar “Mr. Oscarnivore T-666” Macias (of Carnivore Diprosopus), together creating six pustulent psalms of inverted sanctity and added to that grim order of service a cover song that exhales death and gore. Mixed and mastered by Tom Bradfield at Grindethic Records, and displaying a sick artwork by Venezuelan artist John Quevedo Janssens, Commanding Satan’s Crusades will leave no doubt about the future, as there is no light at the end of the tunnel, there is no redemption and absolutely no resurrection, being therefore recommended for lovers of the devastating music by Suffocation, Gorgasm, Devangelic and Disentomb, just to name a few.

Summoning of the Ancient Hordes sounds utterly putrid, gory and demolishing from the very first second, and it’s impressive how just three guys can make so much noise. Moreover, Oscar’s deep barks sound and feel inhumane throughout the entire song (and album), accompanied by the classic blast beats by Ruben. Commandments of the Age of Darkness is another onrush of first-class Brutal Death Metal that will decimate your damned soul during its three demented minutes, with Eduardo doing a fantastic job with both his riffs and bass lines, and those three Colombians are ready to pound our cranial skull to dust with the venomous Throne of Sadistic Abominations, a lecture in Brutal Death Metal that lives up to the legacy of the genre with Oscar vomiting the song’s dark words majestically.

In His Ominous Presence the band keeps the insanity and blasphemy of the album at an unimaginable level, with Ruben being absolutely bestial behind his drums in this ode to darkness, and he keeps hammering his drums in Lords of Tyrannical Perversion, with Eduardo’s evil riffage providing Oscar with exactly what he needs to bark nonstop. There’s still more fuel to burn to the sound of Victory of the Stygian Empire, with its cryptic intro evolving into a brutal assault of classic Death Metal led by the gruesome vociferations by Oscar. Put differently, it can’t get any heavier than this, flowing into their cover version for Dehumanizer’s classic tune Condemned (check the original version HERE, from their 1998 demo Prophecies Foretold). Needless to say, Imperial Execration’s version is just as demonic and obscure, with Eduardo kicking some serious ass with both his riffs and bass punches.

The malevolent, hellish Death Metal played by Imperial Excretion in Commanding Satan’s Crusades can be appreciated in all of its glory on YouTube and on Spotify, but of course let’s show those Colombian metallers our true support by purchasing their fulminating album from the band’s own BandCamp page, from the Comatose Music BandCamp page or webstore as a CD or as an amazing CD + shirt + sticker bundle, and from several other locations such as Discogs and Barnes & Noble. They are also eager to hear what you have to say about their newborn vile creations on Facebook and on Instagram, inviting us all to join Satan’s crusades to the sound of their thrilling, sulfurous Death Metal, and I’m sure we’ll have a very good time banging our heads manically with them.

Best moments of the album: Summoning of the Ancient Hordes, Throne of Sadistic Abominations and Victory of the Stygian Empire.

Worst moments of the album: None.

Released in 2022 Comatose Music

Track listing
1. Summoning of the Ancient Hordes 3:08
2. Commandments of the Age of Darkness 2:59
3. Throne of Sadistic Abominations 2:56
4. His Ominous Presence 2:57
5. Lords of Tyrannical Perversion 3:21
6. Victory of the Stygian Empire 3:41
7. Condemned (Dehumanized Cover) 2:55

Band members
Oscar “Mr. Oscarnivore T-666” Macias – vocals
Eduardo Camargo – guitars, bass
Ruben Jaramillio – drums

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