Album Review – Diabolizer / Apokalypse MCD (2016)

A short and violent soundtrack to apocalypse delivered by a promising Death Metal band forged in the scorching fires of Turkey.


diabolizer_apokalypse_coverThe already scorching fires of Kadıköy, a large cosmopolitan district of Istanbul, Turkey, are about to become even more incandescent due to the release of the excellent MCD entitled Apokalypse, forged in the pits of hell by a relentless Death Metal entity known as Diabolizer. Formed in 2012, this apocalyptic horde is comprised of members from Decaying Purity, Engulfed, Deggial and Godslaying Hellblast, among others, all prominent bands from the Turkish underground scene, with a sole purpose of worshiping destruction and punishing any living creature that dares to confront them with their decimating Death Metal.

This thrilling MCD contains five brand new compositions by the Diabolizer crew and two tracks from their very limited 2012 promo Shadows Of Impending Decimation, as a bonus to all true supporters of good old Death Metal. Not only that, in order to give a proper face to their music, Diabolizer recruited Polish illustrator Robert A. von Ritter (Armagh, Ragehammer) for the artwork and Polish artist Piotr Kurek of Mentalporn (Ulcer, Embrional) to take care of the design of the album, and the final result is obviously amazing, representing in images all the fury and melody found in Apokalypse.

Diabolizer come crushing with their loud and infernal Death Metal from the very first second of the opening track, Process the Void, with lead singer Abomination sounding like a raving bulldozer while drummer Aberrant delivers pure hatred through his drums. After listening to this amazing showcase of Extreme Metal made in Turkey, you’ll start wondering if there’s a way they could sound even more furious than this. Well, those Turkish metallers actually answer that question with the superb Death Metal chant Condemned to Burn in Hell, where they masterfully unleash hell with Mustafa and Ewan pounding their strings and Abomination going from the deepest guttural to enraged high-pitched screams in an solid and demonic way.

And there’s absolutely no sign of Diabolizer slowing down in Temple of Demonic Torments, where Aberrant keeps showing off his tremendous skills as a drummer whereas Mustafa and Ewan once again fire their aggressive but melodious riffs and solos, followed by Blood Aesthetics Dictated,  with Abomination commanding this sonic onslaught by bursting his lungs out. This is brutal Death Metal with highlights to its barbaric rhythm and relentless riffage, and get ready to feel your entire body soaring after banging like a wild beast to this demented tune.

diabolizerInspired by the musicality found in most albums by the iconic Cannibal Corpse and blended with elements of contemporary Black Metal, Hammer of Diabolization (such a beautiful name for a song) offers the listener some interesting tempo changes and lots of variations to its intensity, a breathe of “sulfuric” air that ends up providing a humongous extra dosage of electricity to the overall result. In regards to the two bonus songs taken from their 2012 promo, I bet you can imagine they are as demolishing as the new songs if you haven’t heard them yet. Beneath the Skullthrone and Descend into Desolation are both exceptional Death Metal songs, with the latter being more brutal and, therefore, more gripping.

In order to get in touch with Diabolizer, simply go check their Facebook page, and if you want to purchase a digital copy of Apokalypse you can find it for sale at their BandCamp page. In case you’re an old school metal fan and prefer a physical copy of the album, the MCD is available in two versions: a regular jewel case CD with an 8-page booklet and a limited edition (100 copies) of jewel case CD branded with serigraphy print and patch. If Diabolizer were capable of delivering such a high level of violence and hatred in only a few songs like what we can see in Apokalypse, I wonder what will happen when they finally release their first full-length album upon humanity. Maybe we’ll witness the ultimate “soundtrack to apocalypse”, don’t you think?

Best moments of the album: Condemned to Burn in Hell and Hammer of Diabolization.

Worst moments of the album: None.

Released in 2016 Third Eye Temple

Track listing
1. Process the Void 4:57
2. Condemned to Burn in Hell 2:58
3. Temple of Demonic Torments 4:34
4. Blood Aesthetics Dictated 4:37
5. Hammer of Diabolization 5:34

Shadows Of Impending Decimation (Promo 2012) bonus tracks
6. Beneath the Skullthrone 4:34
7. Descend into Desolation 4:57

Band members
Abomination – vocals
Mustafa – guitars
Ewan – guitars
Alican – bass
Aberrant – drums

Album Review – Ulcer / Heading Below (2016)

Trenchant riffs, bestial vocals and wicked beats overflowing from the third full-length installment by a band from Poland that has always been loyal to the foundations of Death Metal.


ulcer-heading-below-frontThree years after the release of Grant Us Death, the implacable Polish Death Metal squad Ulcer strikes again with their third full-length album, entitled Heading Below, which will certainly drag you down to the underworld with its 50 minutes of devastating old school Death Metal in the vein of Swedish classics. Bursting with trenchant riffs, bestial vocals and wicked beats while dealing with topics like hate, anti-religion and death, this is a highly recommended albums for fans of the genre, and also an album that effectively solidifies Ulcer’s career not only in Poland, but anywhere in the world where Death Metal is respected and admired.

Formed in 2006 in the city of Lublin (around 200km southeast of the capital Warsaw) and featuring members from established bands such as Blaze of Perdition, Abusiveness, Deivos and Dira Mortis, Ulcer can be considered one of the (relatively) new European bands with the strongest loyalty to the roots of Death Metal, keeping their sounding as raw and aggressive as possible, but with the addition of distinct elements from other subgenres of Extreme Metal to keep the music always fresh and exciting. If the name of the band is not enough to prove you how vile and gruesome the music in Heading Below is before you hit play, take a good look at the austere cover art by Polish artist Piotr Kurek of Mentalporn (who was responsible for the artwork for another Polish Death Metal band  recently reviewed by The Headbanging Moose, the also excellent Embrional) and you’ll then realize it’s brutal Death Metal we’re talking about, and nothing else.

How else could a good Death Metal album start than with some eerie noises suddenly exploding into sheer inhumanity? That’s the opening track, named Down Below, a sonic thunder that will crush you mercilessly led by the demolishing riffs by guitarist Lucass and Mścisław, with hints of Black Metal inserted into the musicality to darken the final result even more. In Fiends Forever, melodious but fierce guitar lines open the gates for the bestial vociferations by frontmen D. and Angelfuck and the heavy beats by drummer Vizun, until the song’s Cannibal Corpse-inspired ending; whereas Sights To See presents ruthless Death Metal with hints of Hardcore and Black Metal, which obviously enhances the song’s savageness. D. and Angelfuck are once again a dynamic duo of destruction, spearheading one of the best and most devastating moments of the album for sure.

All In Vain is one of those songs where an epic intro morphs into blasting metal with huge doses of anger, with Vizun being the band’s unstoppable stonecrusher while bassist Szwed provides the low-tuned creepy lines we love in extreme music, all embraced by a somber atmosphere. As aforementioned, Ulcer definitely know how to grab the best elements from other subgenres of heavy music, as for example the Doom Metal-ish vibe that complements the ferocity of their Death Metal in the elegantly fast and furious The Phantom Heart, another brutish hymn perfect for some sick mosh pits. You Called, We Came is a direct Death Metal composition tailored for diehard fans of boisterous extreme music, with absolutely no magic ingredients added to its formula but old school destruction. Moreover, Lucass and Mścisław fire exactly what the music demands through their devilish guitars. On the other hand, despite presenting some good moments (like the guitar solo halfway through it), Miscarriage’s Lullaby is way below the quality found in the rest of the album.

UlcerphotoThe mid tempo Death Metal chant Howl Of The Jackal sounds very old school, obscure and hellish, with both vocalists offering precise guttural howls and harsh screams while the rest of the band smashes their instruments manically. Yet again, an ominous aura boosts the song’s vileness and, consequently, it’s overall quality, elevating it to the status of one of the best composition in Heading Below. Lastly, the bold and demonic 9-minute aria Enshrouded In Nothingness begins by displaying the darkest form of Blackened Doom you can think of, with its disturbing sonority being fairly different from the rest of the album. In addition, the second part of the song becomes a blend of Death and Symphonic Black Metal, always getting back to its original sluggish rhythm until its desolating conclusion, showing how versatile the band can be without affecting their Death Metal core.

Heading Below can be purchased at the Arachnophobia Records’ BandCamp page or webstore, and more details about the reverberating Death Metal by Ulcer can be found at their Facebook page and SoundCloud. As I said in the beginning of this review, Heading Below will help Ulcer cement their path to success without a shadow of a doubt due to its high level of energy, violence and devastation, keeping the demonic fires of Death Metal alive for the total delight of lovers of a type of heavy music that always takes the word “heavy” to a new limit.

Best moments of the album: Sights To See, The Phantom Heart and Howl Of The Jackal.

Worst moments of the album: Miscarriage’s Lullaby.

Released in 2016 Arachnophobia Records

Track listing
1. Down Below 6:04
2. Fiends Forever 5:46
3. Sights To See 4:29
4. All In Vain 6:09
5. The Phantom Heart 6:16
6. You Called, We Came 4:14
7. Miscarriage’s Lullaby 4:47
8. Howl Of The Jackal 5:12
9. Enshrouded In Nothingness 9:06

Band members
D. – vocals
Angelfuck – vocals
Lucass – guitars
Mścisław – guitars
Szwed – bass
Vizun – drums