The Metal Moose Show – Episode 2016-01-04

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On The Metal Moose Show – Chicks That Rawk 6 this week:

1. Heart Avail – Pink Lace
2. Dark Symphonica – Set Me Free
3. Bellusria – Sister
4. Elamir – Dish Of Pain
5. Disappearance – Marionette
6. Psyche Corp – Nightmares
7. Atomic Symphony – Lost Eden
8. Aghast – Angels Cant Love
9. Forever At Last – Ghost In The Attic
10. Vanity Blvd – Rat
11. Flames Of Fury – I Burn
12. Para Bellum – Trapped Inside Myself
13. Selene – Blood
14. Autumn Stay – Finish Line
15. Kliodna – I’ll Do The Haunting
16. Wisteria – Soul Digression
17. Billus5k – I Ate All Your Breffas

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