Album Review – Demon King / The Final Tyranny EP (2021)

This newly formed demonic trio aims to be one of the reigning champs of the Death Metal world with their fulminating and very technical debut EP.

Formed in 2019 in the city of Nashville, Tennessee, in the United States, Blackened Death Metal outfit Demon King is the comeback project of prominent original Enfold Darkness guitarist Matt Brown after stepping away from playing music for a number of years, now joined by technical wizards Malcolm Pugh (Inferi, A Loathing Requiem, Entheos) on bass and Jack Blackburn (Inferi, Enfold Darkness, Vital Remains) on drums. Together, this incredibly talented trio aims to be one of the reigning champs of the Death Metal world in the coming years, starting their path of devastation with their debut EP titled The Final Tyranny. Mixed by Zack Ohren at Castle Ultimate Productions, mastered by Justin Shturtz at Sterling Sound, and displaying an infernal artwork by renowned artist Justin Abraham, The Final Tyranny is strongly recommended for fans of Abigor, Arsis, Dimmu Borgir, Naglfar, Necrophagist and Old Man’s Child, among many others, providing the listener 17 minutes of undisputed dexterity, violence and rage.

We must admit Blackened Death Metal always brings us amazing, poetic lyrics, which is exactly the case in the opening track Tyrannical Reign of the Deceiver (“For ages the world did hold the coming of one / Which would usher in the era of din / And the chieftains they called upon disorder as order / Their ally for the clasp within / Multitudes surrender to him as their god”), while Jack sounds like a stone crusher from hell on drums and Malcolm hammers his metallic bass nonstop, resulting in an explosion of sounds that’s as technical and infernal as it can be. Then a sinister intro will darken the skies before the trio comes ripping with their hard-hittingTechnical Death Metal in Invoking the Spirit of Chaos, where Matt not only roars like a demonic entity, but his hellish riffage adds an extra touch of dementia to the music; and it’s time for more lunacy in the form of Technical and Blackened Death Metal in Transmutation of the Artilect, with Malcolm and Jack being absolutely thunderous and menacing with their beats and bass jabs while Matt continues to gnarl and scream rabidly in a perfect fusion of intricacy and heaviness. Lastly, even more obscure than its predecessors, The Watcher, Wreathed In Flame is a ruthless display of modern-day aggressiveness and fury, with the demonic drums by Jack being beautifully supported by the demented strings by both Matt and Malcolm, not to mention how piercing Matt’s guitar solos sound and feel.

This short and sweet display of unrelenting Blackened Death Metal by Demon King is available for purchase by clicking HERE, or from other retailers such as Amazon and Record Store Day. Also, don’t forget to follow those insane metallers on Facebook and on Instagram, and to stream their sick creations on Spotify, showing your utmost support to this newborn force of the extreme music scene. Across its four dense tracks, The Final Tyranny deftly combines and shifts on a dime between Technical Death Metal, Black Metal, and Melodic Death Metal in order to create a sound of their own, also pointing to a very interesting future ahead of the trio and, therefore, inspiring fans of Death Metal from all over the world to keep slamming into the circle pit while Matt, Malcolm and Jack show us exactly what to do when armed with their sharp instruments and their blackened hearts and souls.

Best moments of the album: Tyrannical Reign of the Deceiver and Transmutation of the Artilect.

Worst moments of the album: None.

Released in 2021 The Artisan Era Records

Track listing
1. Tyrannical Reign of the Deceiver 3:51
2. Invoking the Spirit of Chaos 4:16
3. Transmutation of the Artilect 4:31
4. The Watcher, Wreathed In Flame 5:04

Band members
Matt Brown – vocals, guitars
Malcolm Pugh – bass
Jack Blackburn – drums

1 thought on “Album Review – Demon King / The Final Tyranny EP (2021)

  1. I take issue with your rating, sir, & must respectfully disagree. Demon (Fucking) KING deserve AT LEAST 3.5 maybe 4 Skulls. Considering how Matt Brown had stepped away from music for a few years & he comes back/marks his return with THIS to knock the rust off! I’d like to be able to play 3/4 that well on my best day. Malcolm Pugh on bass is a force & Jack Blackburn pummels both the kit & the listener into submission. I even enjoy the atmosphere of the songs, something I will usually either find annoying or just don’t care that it were even present at all & as a result will sort of put a white-noise filter of sorts on in my brain, the closest I can get as a musician to tuning something musical out.

    Sure, there are only 4 songs, one of which (The Watcher, Wreathed In Flame) is a reworking of a single that was released in November/December 2019; but Malcolm has his main band Inferi & also manages The Artisan Era label something I’m keeps him very busy & frankly I’m surprised that he had the time to invest in this project. The Artisan Era is a label which you might’ve noticed has an impressive amount of talent in its roster & (this one my wife & wallet notice) a good bit of monetary “investment” on my part. I use the word investment ironically & facetiously. My Benchmade collection could be considered more of an investment, I hope. Greater return, anyway. Maybe. I digress.

    I do enjoy your articles, reviews & posts (especially the Metal Chick Of The Month content) & I’ve discovered some cool bands on occasion. That said, I don’t know if you’ve heard Hatalom’s new masterpiece “Occhiolism” but if you haven’t… Holy shit, you are depriving your brain matter. They are also from Canada, Québec City to be exact. C’mon, isn’t EVERY great tech death band from Canada, though? At LEAST 8/10 are for sure! Check them out because that album just stopped everything I was doing, including typing this, for the duration of the (streamed) album. Then I went & bought a physical copy from their Bandcamp.
    If I’m breaking a rule by suggesting a band unsolicited, I can’t in good concience apologize, unless you are aware of the band, In which case I do.

    Keep up the great content! Cheers from your Friend in America. The desert of Arizona, where we have my favorite & the greatest sport of all time: you know it.


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