Album Review – Decipher / Arcane Paths To Resurrection (2023)

This infuriated Black and Death Metal horde from Greece will crush your mind with their debut effort, showcasing their steely vision and penchant for writing superbly structured songs that have an inherent catchiness to them.

Formed in October 2017 in the hypnotizing city of Athens, Greece, the unrelenting Black/Death Metal horde Decipher is ready to unleash upon humanity their first full-length opus, entitled Arcane Paths To Resurrection, the follow-up to their 2019 debut EP Of Fire and Brimstone. Displaying a stunning artwork by Artem Grigoryev, the album showcases the steely vision and penchant for writing superbly structured songs that have an inherent catchiness to them by vocalist M.L., guitarists K.G. and K.C., and drummer N.C., while also being gritty and dynamic, not giving you much time to dwell on things as it keeps throwing one deadly riff after the other at you as you’re forced to scramble in an attempt to fully comprehend them before life comes to an end.

The band’s Stygian guitars ignite their sulfurous attack in Chants of the Unholy, with the blast beast by N.C. bringing hell to their imposing musicality, and K.G. and K.C. continue to extract darkness and hatred from their guitars in Lost in Obscurity while M.L. vociferates rabidly in the name of evil in a great display of contemporary Black Metal. Then a beyond creepy, phantasmagorical interlude titled Arcane Paths will send shivers down your spine before the quartet comes crushing our putrid souls once again in Enslaved to Be, presenting their demonic riffs and growls supported by another bestial performance by N.C. on drums, also showcasing hints of Melodic Black Metal carefully inserted into their core sound.

Get ready for eight minutes of sulfur and obscurity entitled Altar of the Void, with the entire band being on absolute fire from start to finish, in special M.L. with his venomous gnarling while K.G. and K.C. once again hammer our skulls with their axes; whereas investing in a more somber sonority with elements from Doom Metal and Blackened Doom we have Penance, before exploding into their core insanity led by the infernal drums by N.C., sounding very detailed, demonic and thrilling, or in other words, a lecture in modern-day Black Metal. And lastly, closing the album the band offers us all one last onrush of malignant Black Metal titled Sanctum Regnum, with their piercing guitars and hellish roars elevating the song’s obscurity to a whole new level, therefore feeling very dense and grim until the very last second.

In a nutshell, Decipher are more than ready to kill armed with their sulfurous debut effort, and if I were you I would definitely give those Greek metallers a shout on Facebook and on Instagram, subscribe to their YouTube channel for more of their classy music, stream their sick creations on Spotify, and above all that, purchase a copy of Arcane Paths To Resurrection from their own BandCamp page or from the Transcending Obscurity Records’ webstore as a special digipak CD or as an ass-kicking shirt + CD combo (or click HERE for all things Decipher). The band is surely delivering a timeless piece of Black Metal that’s impactful and strongly evocative with Arcane Paths To Resurrection, keeping in mind this is just their first opus, which means Decipher will surely make a lot of noise in the coming years for the delight of al lovers of extreme music out there.

Best moments of the album: Chants of the Unholy, Altar of the Void and Penance.

Worst moments of the album: None.

Released in 2023 Transcending Obscurity Records

Track listing
1. Chants of the Unholy 4:11
2. Lost in Obscurity 5:40
3. Arcane Paths 1:48
4. Enslaved to Be 4:56
5. Altar of the Void 8:52
6. Penance 5:15
7. Sanctum Regnum 5:42

Band members
M.L. – vocals, chants
K.G. – lead and rhythm guitars, bass, vocals, chants
K.C. – guitars
N.C. – drums


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