Album Review – Rockstar Frame / Stand up…Jump ’n’ Fly (2021)

Italy’s own Hard Rock outfit arises once again with a brand new lineup and a kick-ass album that beautifully represents the glorious days of the iconic Sunset Strip.

Sometimes you have to take a step back (to the 80’s) before taking a step forward in your career, which is exactly the case with Milan, Italy-based Rock N’ Roll/Hard Rock outfit Rockstar Frame, or RSF if you prefer. After the releases of their 2015 album Rock ‘N’ Roll Mafia and their 2018 album Bulletproof, and after a few successful international tours, the band fell apart due to irremediable conflicts and internal problems, putting a huge interrogation mark in the future of RSF. However, in 2019 the band’s founder and drummer Max Klein redesigned their sound with the help of newcomers Leonard F. Guillan on vocals, Ian Darrell on the guitars and Ronam Destefani on bass, taking a journey back to 80’s Glam Metal and Hard Rock and crafting the most honest and vibrant music you can think of, culminating with the release in 2021 of their awesome new album entitled Stand up…Jump ’n’ Fly, a musical tribute to the glorious days of the famous Sunset Strip.

The opening track Is Not The End is a no-shenanigans 80’s Glam and Hair Metal hymn for lovers of the genre where Leonard lives up to the legacy of great vocalists like Vince Neil and Brett Michaels while Ian extracts sheer adrenaline from his guitar, and from Italy straight into the Sunset Strip the quartet delivers the thrilling and very melodic Get on My Knees, with the unstoppable Max beautifully dictating the song’s vibrant rhythm with his beats. By now you should have a very good idea of the musical direction of the band, but if not, simply take a listen at Hey Man!, offering us all pure Hard Rock flowing from their sonic weapons, with Leonard leading his crew with his classic vocals while Ronam shakes the foundations of the earth with his metallic bass jabs. Then blending their classic Rock N’ Roll with the Heavy Metal by Saxon and the old school Hard Rock by Scorpions, Rockstar Frame deliver the hard-hitting tune Ready to Go, perfect for heading out to the highway while Ian is on fire with his riffs and solos; followed by Hypnotized Fools, highly inspired by the Hair Metal played by Guns N’ Roses and Poison, with the rumbling bass by Ronam punching you hard in the head, not to mention the always amazing sound of the cowbell (and there’s never enough cowbell in rock and metal music, of course). And it’s time for a stylish ballad by Rockstar Frame titled Beyond the Fear, where Leonard displays all his vocal potency with a passionate performance supported by background keys and a powerful guitar solo.

Never tired of crafting our good old Hard Rock, the quartet blasts our ears with the dancing tune Golden Dreams, another solid composition where Max keeps guiding his bandmates with his rhythmic beats, whereas in Break me Down it becomes clear their Rock N’ Roll party has no time to end, with Ian and Ronam complementing each other’s riffs and lines in great fashion form start to finish in a very entertaining display of 80’s Hard Rock. Ronam is a beast armed with his thunderous bass, adding tons of groove to the band’s music in the pounding tune One in a Million, sounding beyond perfect for celebrating the golden years of Hair Metal while Leonard’s raspy vocals also bring an extra touch of rebelliousness to the overall sonority; and Halloween Night is another straight-to-the-point Hard Rock extravaganza by the quartet, not as vibrant as the rest of the album, though, with Leonard’s vocals sounding below what he can actually do (while the drumming by Max is as good as usual). After that, more stamina emerges from their sharp riffs, low-tuned bass and pounding drums in Like a Monster, with Leonard kind of personifying the one and only Sebastian Bach in his glorious days on vocals, while a very fun start kicks off the upbeat closing tune Sunshine in The Dark, a song made for bringing some joy to our hearts in such difficult times where all band members are in absolute sync, providing our ears an amazing sonority with a pleasant and positive vibe.

You can learn more about Rockstar Frame, their history, their plans for the future and their music by following Max and his henchmen on Facebook and on Instagram, by subscribing to their YouTube channel and by streaming all of their creations on Spotify, or simply click HERE to get access to all of that and more, and even more important than that, if 80’s Hard Rock is your cup of tea you should definitely purchase your copy of Stand up…Jump ’n’ Fly from an array of locations, including HMV, Rakuten, Alba Music and Impulse Music, just to name a few. Enough said already, how about we all grab our best pair of leather pants, our leopard-themed bandanas, jump on our motorbikes, and enjoy all the beauty and adrenaline of Sunset Boulevard together with the guys from Rockstar Frame to the sound of their stylish new album?

Best moments of the album: Get on My Knees, Ready to Go and One in a Million.

Worst moments of the album: Halloween Night.

Released in 2021 Volcano Records

Track listing
1. Is Not The End 4:19
2. Get on My Knees 3:31
3. Hey Man! 3:39
4. Ready to Go 3:33
5. Hypnotized Fools 3:34
6. Beyond the Fear 4:12
7. Golden Dreams 3:42
8. Break me Down 3:31
9. One in a Million 3:41
10. Halloween Night 4:08
11. Like a Monster 4:14
12. Sunshine in The Dark 4:23

Band members
Leonard F. Guillan – vocals
Ian Darrell – guitar
Ronam Destefani – bass
Max Klein – drums

Album Review – Rockstar Frame / Rock ‘N’ Roll Mafia (2015)

This distinguished Italian mafia is here to stay with only one objective in mind: spreading their rousing Rock N’ Roll music all over the world.


RSF_RNR MafiaInspired by the rock music his family played him while he was in a coma after falling from a cliff years ago, which by the way he believes helped bring him back, drummer Max Klein formed Rock N’ Roll/Hard Rock band Rockastar Frame in 2012 in Milan, Italy. Now, after many live performances and after winning several contests such as the national Rock on the Road in 2014, the band is ready to spread their electrifying music all across the world with their debut album, the excellent Rock ‘N’ Roll Mafia.

Obviously, that wouldn’t have been possible without all the talent, hard work and passion for music that have accompanied each band member for years. For instance, frontwoman Faith Blurry recorded vocals for her first commercial on Italian TV when she was only 6; keyboardist Ace Wave holds a summa cum laude degree in classical piano from the Academy of Music, where bassist Andy Di Bella is also finishing up his electric bass studies; and band founder Max and guitarist Morris Steel have been professional session musicians for the past ten years. In other words, all that energy and willpower translates into pure top-notch Rock N’ Roll.

Do you want to know why Rock N’ Roll with piano and keyboards sounds so cool? The opening track, entitled Guilt, has the answer to that question. This is radio material, as catchy as it can be, with the rocking vocals by the red-haired diva Faith matching perfectly with the band’s music. She’s Hot also has all the ingredients to become another instant radio hit, sounding even more powerful than the opening track. Moreover, Ace and Max keep delivering some exciting notes and solos while Faith is totally on fire, and what to say about the song’s chorus? It’s undisputed sexy rock music.

After that kick-ass old school Rock N’ Roll start, the band shows their Alternative Rock side in Addictions, full of background effects and a more atmospheric rhythm thanks to the job done by Ace on keyboards, but quickly returning to their roots in the title-track Rock ‘N’ Roll Mafia. Of course it’s not Deep Purple per se, and it’s not the band’s intention to be so, but this song has a strong Purple-ish vein that makes it truly gripping. It’s not only fast and groovy, but there’s also so much adrenaline in it I believe there might even be some mosh pits when this song is played live. In Song for You, it’s time to slow down and enjoy a nice Rock N’ Roll and Hard Rock ballad where Faith has another beautiful performance while Ace oce again nails it with his piano notes, followed by the heaviest of all songs, This Burning Song, a Hard Rock tune with stronger riffs. It’s a good example of how their “catchy-chorus machine” doesn’t seem to stop for a single second, being highly recommended for fans of straightforward rock music.

RSFWith hints of Blues and its provocative lyrics, the awesome tune Poison has the perfect name and rhythm to qualify it as a hot strip-tease theme, while Cherry Boobs might not be a bad song, but it’s below average, getting a little repetitive after a while. It’s still enjoyable and a good option for a TV ad that needs some rock music, though. The next track, Lie, which is also closer to Alternative Rock than old school Hard Rock, has a very cohesive and creative instrumental with the final guitar solo by Morris being really good, but unfortunately the same can’t be said about Years Gone,  a generic rock semi-ballad that’s too commercial (even if that’s what the band wanted with this song). It doesn’t really harm the overall quality of the album, but it’s just unnecessary filler in my opinion.

That minor “incident” is followed by a sequence of outstanding songs that put the album back on track, starting with RSF (the acronym for Rockstar Frame), a heavy tune with a nice melody and a crucial punch to make it stand out among so many good rock songs in the album. Then we have second song with elements found in the music by Deep Purple (especially in regards to the keyboards), I Don’t Give a Fuck, a very soulful song which old school lyrics fit Faith’s voice nicely; Twisted Double Nature, a modern rock music song that focuses on the passionate vocals by Faith, which ends up enhancing its final result; and finally the last regular track of the album, a fantastic piano ballad entitled Fairytale, where Faith steals the show with her strong but smooth voice. Besides, its lyrics go really well with the music, with kudos to Ace for another amazing performance on keyboards. And if you think 14 hymns of pure rock music are not enough, there’s also an excellent bonus track called Limitless for Life, strongly influenced by 80’s and 90’s Hard Rock.

I personally prefer the first half of the album as I’m more of a metalhead than a rocker, but it’s undeniable that the music by this one-of-a-kind Italian mafia is way above your average rock music (well, the album art says it all). You can check more of their music at their SoundCloud page, give a shout to them on their official Twitter, and of course purchase Rock ‘N’ Roll Mafia at the Musicarchy Media webstore. If you feel you’re ready to join the Rockstar Frame mafia, don’t think twice and succumb to their action-packed rock music. You’re going to love it.

Best moments of the album: Guilt, She’s Hot, Rock ‘N’ Roll Mafia, Poison and Fairytale.

Worst moments of the album: Cherry Boobs and Years Gone.

Released in 2015 Musicarchy Media

Track listing
1. Guilt 3:20
2. She’s Hot 3:24
3. Addictions 3:46
4. Rock ‘N’ Roll Mafia 3:52
5. Song for You 4:22
6. This Burning Song 3:22
7. Poison 3:26
8. Cherry Boobs 3:42
9. Lie 3:49
10. Years Gone 4:08
11. RSF 3:54
12. I Don’t Give a Fuck 3:34
13. Twisted Double Nature 4:03
14. Fairytale 3:22

Bonus track
15. Limitless for Life 4:16

Band members
Faith Blurry – vocals
Morris Steel – guitars
Andy Di Bella – bass
Ace Wave – keyboards
Max Klein – drums