Album Review – Hateful Warfare / Scenarios Of Execution EP (2015)

It’s time to be executed in a heartless and gruesome way through the music by this vicious Death Metal band from Brazil.


11329653_839212942837134_1148590419_nFounded in the beginning of 2015 in the city of Joinville, located in the state of Santa Catarina, Brazil, Death/Thrash Metal band Hateful Warfare are set to crush your souls and show you how good Brazilian extreme music is with their debut EP entitled Scenarios Of Execution. Discussing controversial themes such as religion and war through their lyrics, this talented power trio knows how to mix harmony and aggressiveness to make their message sharper and more scathing, characteristics that always add significant value to Extreme Metal.

Not only Scenarios Of Execution represents total devastation in a little less than 25 minutes of music, but the band’s cohesiveness becomes even more outstanding if we keep in mind the band members have been together in this project for less than one year. Perhaps their main influences, which range from old school Death and Thrash Metal the likes of Kreator, Exodus and Death, to the traditional Heavy Metal by Iron Maiden, to the Punk Rock/Hardcore attitude by Misfits, to the fierce sonority crafted by their fellow countrymen Sepultura, Krisiun, Korzus and Ratos de Porão, is what makes the music found in Scenarios Of Execution sound so strong, and therefore a delight for fans of the genre.

An eerie and devilish voice in the diabolical intro Ready for Disaster introduces the listener to the band’s nightmare-ish and raw musicality in Welcome to My Nightmare, which starts in an epic and imposing way before all hell breaks loose and the band begins firing their nonstop metallic aggression mercilessly. In addition, the vocals by lead singer/bassist Andrei sound truly inspired by the early days of Max Cavalera with an extra touch of despair added; and how can their riffs be so dirty, dark and melodic at the same time?

Put the words “infernal” and “war” together and you’ll obviously get a feast of blast beats, tons of shredding and violent growls, which is exactly what you’ll find in the excellent Infernal War. Drummer Denis showcases his technique by adding some interesting breaks amidst his sick beats, and kudos to guitarist Norba for another excellent job done on guitar, enhancing the song’s ferocity. Blending the acid music by icons such as Exodus, Slayer and Dark Angel, Slaves of Christ offers four minutes of brutality and blasphemy the way only good old Death Metal can: it’s simply perfect for a destructive circle pit, and you gotta love how Andrei screams the chorus with so much anger and hate. Moreover, although they’re (still) an underground band, you’ll notice how professional they sound in this song, keeping up with the music by well-established names in the global metal scene.

1500 (2)Following that blasphemous tune, prepare your neck for another headbanging massacre, this time inspired by Cannibal Corpse and Morbid Angel, named Addiction to Kill. Its riffs and drums will undoubtedly put you to “dance” and slam into the pit together with Hateful Warfare, but save your energies because the havoc is not over yet, as the heavy and technical tune Bloody Night will provide you some catchy riffs and a thunderous atmosphere, also flirting with raw Black Metal and Doom Metal to give it an even darker taste, keeping you electrified from start to finish. And lastly, making sure they smash everyone that crosses their path, Hateful Warfare close this visceral EP with another old school song named Fuel for Infernal Disgrace, discharging riffs that are even heavier than before, therefore guiding the musicality to a higher level of carnage. An awesome ending that leaves the listener eager for more of their hellish music, if you ask me.

Hateful Warfare are waiting to pulverize you on their Facebook page and YouTube channel, or if you prefer you can find all details about the band, their debut EP and their concerts at the official Sangue Frio Produções website. If you want to be “executed” in a heartless and gruesome way through the music by a vicious Death Metal band, these Brazilian guys definitely have what it takes to satisfy your inner desire for brutality.

Best moments of the album: Welcome to My Nightmare and Bloody Night.

Worst moments of the album: None.

Released in 2015 Independent

Track listing
1.Ready for Disaster (Intro) 1:43
2.Welcome to My Nightmare 3:34
3.Infernal War 4:23
4.Slaves of Christ 4:07
5.Addiction to Kill 3:42
6.Bloody Night 3:21
7.Fuel for Infernal Disgrace 3:55

Band members
Andrei – vocals, bass
Norba – guitars
Denis – drums

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