Album Review – Abaddon Incarnate / The Wretched Sermon (2022)

These Irish Death Metal and Grindcore legends are back form the underworld after eight years with their most diverse and expressive album yet.

Having been active since the early 90’s, Dublin, Ireland-based Death Metal/Grindcore legends Abaddon Incarnate have only perfected their sound over the years, creating a quintessential blend of both the styles that can easily be enjoyed in all of its glory in their newborn spawn, entitled The Wretched Sermon, the sixth album in their undisputed career and their first since the 2014 album Pessimist. Displaying a sick artwork by renowned artist Ken Coleman, The Wretched Sermon is easily their most diverse and expressive album yet, meticulously written to flesh out every nuance while keeping things brisk and intense, showcasing a band in top form currently formed of Steve Maher on vocals and guitar, Bill Whelan also on the guitar, Irene Siragusa on bass and Olan Parkinson on drums and, therefore, being highly recommended for admirers of the sonic chaos blasted by renowned acts the likes of Napalm Death, Rotten Sound and Misery Index, among others.

Olan’s vile beats kick off the band’s devilish machine in Rising Of The Lights, a fulminating Grindcore attack where Steve roars manically in the name of evil, whereas Veritas is even more demented and infernal than the opening tune, with the guitars by Steve and Bill exhaling pure sulfur while Irene and Olan are on fire with their heavy-as-hell kitchen. Then bringing forward elements from Black and Death Metal carefully added to their core essence, it’s time to slam into the pit to the sound of Gateways, absolutely fast, furious and demonic, followed by Epic Desecration, not recommended for the lighthearted, where Steve and Bill fire endless violence and hatred through their wicked riffage accompanied by the thunderous bass by the she-demon Irene. In the less demolishing but still caustic and obscure Parasite, it’s time for Olan to blast some headbanging beats while Steve screams rabidly from the bottom of his lungs; and back to their most visceral, deranged mode, the band offers us all Hideous Arise, a bestial creation by the quartet with their guitar work and nonstop drums turning it into one of the most pulverizing of all songs. And if you think Abaddon Incarnate will slow down at any given point you’re absolutely wrong, as in Killing Spree they continue their sonic onrush showcasing never-stopping, frantic riffs and solos, crushing drums and evil roars.

Steve’s guttural screams get deeper and more satanic in Into The Maelstrom, with the entire band sounding possessed by an evil force from the underworld, while Irene hammers her bass in great fashion in Resurrected From A Mass Grave, extracting tons of groove and providing her bandmates with everything they need to craft another explosion of Grindcore. There’s no time to breathe as it’s total anarchy to the sound of Shrine Of Flesh, with Steve gnarling like a creature from the abyss until the very last second; and blending elements from bands like Carcass and Sepultura to their sonority the quartet will smash our cranial skulls mercilessly in Hyperchaos, a fantastic tune spearheaded by Olan’s boisterous beats. Their second to last display of sheer animosity and sulfur is entitled Isolation And Decay, presenting another awesome job done by Steve and Bill armed with their axes without showing not even a single second of peace throughout its over six demonic minutes, and lastly, how about we destroy our bodies into the circle pit one final time with the band? That’s what they have to offer us all in Silent Indifference, with the harsh vociferations by Steve pounding our hearts and minds into dust.

As you can see, Abaddon Incarnate are not just back from the netherworld carrying their apocalyptic, gruesome new album The Wretched Sermon in their blood-soaked arms, which is by the way available for a full listen on YouTube and on Spotify, but they’re eager to tear your flesh apart to the sound of their undisputed Grindcore, and if you want to show them all your support and admiration you can start following the band on Facebook and on Instagram for news, tour dates and more of their caustic music. Hence, don’t forget to also grab your copy of The Wretched Sermon from their own BandCamp page, from the Transcending Obscurity Records webstore as an 8-panel digipak CD (by clicking HERE or HERE) or as a gatefold LP, as well as from Apple Music or Amazon. And may the wretched sermon of old school Grindcore by Abaddon Incarnate reverberate inside our damned minds for all eternity.

Best moments of the album: Veritas, Epic Desecration, Hideous Arise, Resurrected From A Mass Grave and Hyperchaos.

Worst moments of the album: Parasite.

Released in 2022 Transcending Obscurity Records

Track listing
1. Rising Of The Lights 2:46
2. Veritas 1:16
3. Gateways 2:26
4. Epic Desecration 2:47
5. Parasite 2:11
6. Hideous Arise 1:16
7. Killing Spree 2:21
8. Into The Maelstrom 1:56
9. Resurrected From A Mass Grave 2:23
10. Shrine Of Flesh 3:47
11. Hyperchaos 3:43
12. Isolation And Decay 6:56
13. Silent Indifference 2:18

Band members
Steve Maher – vocals, guitar
Bill Whelan – guitar
Irene Siragusa – bass
Olan Parkinson – drums

Album Review – Devolted / Broken Kings EP (2016)

How about grabbing a pint, getting drunk and, to the sound of this promising Irish band, picking up a fight at a rowdy pub in Dublin?


Devolted_-_Broken_Kings_2016-667x650If you’re a metalhead living in the Greater Dublin Area, in the Republic of Ireland, or if you’re a tourist visiting Dublin and looking for some good metal music in the city, I highly recommend you take a look at the official Facebook page of Heavy Metal/Hard Rock quartet Devolted and see if they’re playing anywhere in the city while you’re around. This “musical four-piece of reprobates” plays straightforward old school heavy music perfect for engaging in a pub fight, and where else can you find better pubs than in Dublin?

Bounded together in 2010 through their passion for Heavy Metal and beer, Devolted are releasing their second installment now in 2016, the fast-paced and very enjoyable EP entitled Broken Kings. After releasing their debut EP The Curious Case in 2014 and suffering a major lineup change in 2015, Devolted began focusing on more contemporary, sharper and groovier sounds, blending a shitload of styles and genres in their music to the point you have to get properly drunk to be able to list all of them. However, as already mentioned, the final result is far from being messy or untuneful. Quite the contrary, this totally uncompromised band managed to reach a unique musicality that will definitely inspire you to jump up and down with the band and (who knows) throw some good punches around.

The first track of the EP, My Monster, brings forward a rhythmic start with modern and heavy guitar lines, until lead singer and bassist Rafal Smyczynski screams a nice “FUCK!” and the festivities begin. Moreover, Devolted offer an interesting fusion of the aggressiveness by Pantera with Metalcore and Hard Rock during the entire song, with the bridge to the chorus being perfect for enlivening the listener’s experience.

Displaying elements from traditional Heavy Metal, Hardcore and Metalcore, Dogs Of War is another solid composition tailored for setting fire to a Rock N’ Roll party, and you can easily notice how much guitarists Mark O’Reilly and Killian Chellar might love the unparalleled riffs by guitar heroes Dimebag Darrell and Michael Amott. In God Of Light, drummer Dominik Tokarski begins pounding his drums until the whole band joins him in a parade of inebriate vocals, metallic riffs and a pure headbanging rhythm. Hints of Groove and Stoner Metal add an extra flavor to the music, and while Rafal screams the song title, the riffs blasted by Mark and Killian will fill your ears with pure good old Rock N’ Roll.

online resolutionLast but not least, the title-track Broken Kings begins by displaying an interesting merger of Melodic Death Metal and Hardcore through the excellent job done on guitars as well as on drums. This is undoubtedly the most electrifying tune of the EP where all band members are on beast mode, with highlights to its backing vocals providing the necessary support to Rafal and his Pantera-inspired vocals, as well as its guitar solo which simply helps it in being the most complete of the four tracks. In other words, this composition will leave you eager for more of Devolted’s solid rock music.

Knowing how much Dubliners love metal music, I can’t believe this is the first review to ever be done for a band from such a special city. Well, at least it was worth the wait, as Devolted simply kick fuckin’ ass with their storm of rock and metal. And in order to know more about the band, go visit their Facebook page, YouTube channel and ReverbNation, and don’t forget to support Irish Heavy Metal by purchasing Broken Kings at their BandCamp page or on iTunes. After getting used to their music, all you have to do is head to the nearest Irish pub, grab a couple of pints, get drunk and, to the sound of Devolted, start a nice brawl with some strangers (or even with your friends), how about that?

Best moments of the album: Broken Kings.

Worst moments of the album: None.

Released in 2016 Independent

Track listing
1. My Monster 4:36
2. Dogs Of War 3:37
3. God Of Light 4:05
4. Broken Kings 4:40

Band members
Rafal Smyczynski – vocals, bass
Mark O’Reilly – guitar, backing vocals
Killian Chellar – guitar, backing vocals
Dominik Tokarski – drums