Album Review – Sahara / The Curse EP (2021)

One of the most celebrated cult acts from the Argentinian scene is back with a brand new EP, offering us all a rusty-cage raw, drugged-out and dark fusion of Stoner, Sludge and Doom Metal.


sahara-the-curse-ep-2021A cult band in the Stoner and Doom Metal scene, Paraná, Argentina’s own Sahara released two celebrated studio full-length albums as well as a live album and a split with Mephistofeles before involuntarily disbanding in 2019. However, with the help of Mephistofeles members Gabriel Ravera on bass and Ivan Sacharczuk on drums, Sahara’s founder, vocalist and guitarist Martin Ludi decided to continue with the band, firing on all cylinders now in 2021 with a brand new four-track EP fittingly titled The Curse, the result of what Sahara have become and a hint of what the future holds for the band. Recorded at Evil Fidelity Studios on tape by John Follador and mixed by Dangerous, The curse offers fans of the genre a rusty-cage raw, drugged-out and dark fusion of Stoner, Sludge and Doom Metal that sounds at he same time punkish and impossibly catchy, proving the band’s comeback is not a curse, but in fact a blessing to the South American underground.

Vile and dirty from the very first second, the trio smashes their instruments flawlessly in the 70’s-inspired opening tune Hell on Earth, showcasing an amazing job done by Ivan with his old school drumming while Martin fires at the same time devilish riffs and Ozzy Osbourne-ish vocals; whereas the low-tuned, crude bass by Gabriel kick off the venomous Altar of Sacrifice, bringing to our ears more of their classic Doom Metal (not to mention the sick guitar solos by Martin), being tailored for admirers of damned and sharp doom. Following such obscure creation, Gallows Noose has a mysterious and hypnotizing vibe found in the music by Black Sabbath and Candlemass while also presenting elements from Psychedelic Rock, with Martin and Gabriel being in absolute sync with their stringed weapons by darkly jamming like there’s no tomorrow. Lastly, closing the EP it’s time for an instrumental extravaganza in the form of the title-track The Curse, where the bass punches by Gabriel will smash your heads mercilessly accompanied by the Stoner and Doom Metal beats by Ivan.

sahara-2021Like a violent phoenix arising from the ashes, Sahara are back in action stronger than ever with their newborn spawn The Curse, reclaiming their throne as the kings of doom in the Argentinian scene and, of course, aiming at spreading their damned wings and reaching new heights in the world of heavy music. Having said that, don’t forget to start following Martin and his henchmen on Facebook and on Instagram for news, tour dates (if we’ll ever have those again, of course), more of their music and other nice-to-know info about the band, and above all that, to grab your copy of The Curse from the Regain Records’ BandCamp page or from the Shadow Records’ webstore, showing everyone you’re a true servant of doom and, therefore, allowing Sahara’s Stygian curse to haunt your soul for all eternity.

Best moments of the album: Hell on Earth.

Worst moments of the album: None.

Released in 2021 Regain Records

Track listing
1. Hell on Earth 4:57
2. Altar of Sacrifice 3:00
3. Gallows Noose 6:13
4. The Curse (Instrumental) 2:53

Band members
Martin Ludi – vocals, guitar
Gabriel Ravera – bass
Ivan Sacharczuk – drums

Album Review – Los Males Del Mundo / Descent Towards Death (2021)

It’s time to descend into death to the sound of the debut album by this Argentinian duo, inviting us all to a conceptual journey and dragging us into the darkest and most remote places of the human soul.

Formed in 2016 in Buenos Aires, the capital of the charming Argentina, by vocalist and drummer Dany Tee (of bands like Acathexis and Seelenmord) and guitarist Cristian Yans (of Eroica), Los Males Del Mundo (which translates from Spanish as “the evils of the world”) combine today’s modern Black Metal sound with late 90’s Melodic Black Metal, with lyrics deeply influenced by Friedrich Nietzsche, Emil Cioran and A. Schopenhauer. Later joined by bassist Nikita Kamprad (of German Black Metal band Der Weg einer Freiheit) as a producer and guest musician, the project released in 2020 their debut self-titled EP, shaping up their sound and inspiring them to release now in 2021 their first full-length effort, titled  Descent Towards Death. Recorded at Estudio Carmen in Argentina, produced, mixed, and mastered in Würzburg, Germany by Nikita himself, and displaying a grim artwork by Matt Lombard, Descent Towards Death is an invitation to a conceptual journey, dragging you into the darkest and most remote places of the human soul, reflecting an internal battle between aggressive and furious passages blended with dense and introspective landscapes full of melancholic melodies. In other words, simply hit play and be prepared to face one of the best and most intense Black Metal albums of the year.

The sluggish, somber guitars by Cristian kick off the 12-minute Atmospheric Black Metal feast titled Falling Into Nothing, exploding into dissident Black Metal where Dany not only crushes his drums ruthlessly, but his demonic gnarls bring even more obscurity to the final result, taking the listener on a one-way journey into the netherworld. In The Silent Agony their cryptic words will penetrate deep inside your psyche (“Like worms hiding from sunlight / we take shelter in the dirt / descending to the deepest filth -memories of the past – / trying to give sense to our existence / as redemption / to justify the misery of our days”) while the music remains dense and scorching from start to finish, with Dany sounding infuriated behind his drum set and screaming like Dani Filth in his Cruelty and the Beast-era; whereas in Eternal Circle Of Vain Effords they add a huge dosage of Blackened Doom and Doom Metal to their core sonority, with the bass punches by Nikita hammering your head without mercy while Cristian continues to extract darkness from his wicked riffs. Then venturing through more epic and Stygian lands the band fires the infernal Nothing But A Lie, where Cristian’s riffage and Nikita’s vicious bass walk hand in hand, therefore providing Dany all he needs to haunt our souls with his otherworldly roars and screeches. And Slayer-ish guitars à la “Seasons in the Abyss” permeate the air in the closing aria The Heavy Burden while Dany continues to growl like a demonic entity, always accompanied by the rumbling bass by Nikita, resulting in a multi-layered creation that will undoubtedly blacken the skies and your heart, not to mention how beautiful Cristian’s closing guitar solo sounds and feels.

In a nutshell, it’s truly impressive how bold, detailed and sharp the entire Descent Towards Death sounds coming from only two guys from Argentina that are just starting their career in metal music, positioning the album as one of the best releases of 2021 as aforementioned. Hence, if you want to put your hands on such precious gem of South American Black Metal, simply go to their own BandCamp page, to the Northern Silence Productions’ BandCamp page or webstore, as well as other locations such as Juno Records and Clear Spot. In addition, don’t forget to follow them on Facebook and on Instagram for all things Los Males Del Mundo, including new music and videos, tour dates and plans for the future. It’s time to begin our descent into darkness and death together with this multi-talented Argentinian duo, and there’s nothing better than the austere and captivating music found in their newborn opus to guide us on this harsh but extremely thrilling voyage.

Best moments of the album: Falling Into Nothing and The Heavy Burden.

Worst moments of the album: None.

Released in 2021 Northern Silence Productions

Track listing
1. Falling Into Nothing 12:12
2. The Silent Agony 8:28
3. Eternal Circle Of Vain Effords 5:16
4. Nothing But A Lie 4:56
5. The Heavy Burden 10:00

Band members
Dany Tee – vocals, drums
Cristian Yans – guitars

Guest musician
Nikita Kamprad – bass (session)

Album Review – Dreams In Darkness / The Souls Pit (2020)

A lugubrious fusion of Gothic and Black Metal made in Argentina by “the soul that cultivates melancholy as a way of seeing the world.”

Dealing with delicate topics such as death, depression, fears and loneliness, Gothic/Black Metal act Dreams In Darkness was born back in 2016 in Tucumán, the most densely populated (and the second-smallest by land area) of the provinces of Argentina, inspired by the music by iconic bands the likes of Lacrimosa, Draconian and My Dying Bride, describing themselves as “el alma que cultiva la melancolía como forma de ver al mundo”, which in English translates as “the soul that cultivates melancholy as a way of seeing the world.” After the releases of their debut self-titled album in 2016 and their sophomore effort Dark Silence in 2018, it’s time for lead singer Giselle Stoker, keyboardist and vocalist Martin Tenebris, guitarist and drummer Cristian Bertrand and bassist Gabriel Nonasco to strike again with their third opus, entitled The Souls Pit, continuing the path of darkness, melancholy and solitude they have been paving since their inception a few years ago.

And melancholic, acoustic guitars ignite the obscure Carrion for the Vultures, where all keys and its background atmosphere remind me of the early days of Cradle Of Filth, while Giselle sounds like a true she-demon with her raspy gnarls, grasping like a Black Metal beast. In the excellent Dark Silence… Desolation, a well-balanced fusion of the most mournful form of Gothic Metal with the austerity of Black Metal, we’re treated to lyrics that exhale anguish and pain (“Bleeding, / Wailing, / In a sky so black, / Dark and immense, / That burns my body. / Screaming in the nothingness, / The crying of the soul, / An imposing emptiness, / That destroys my being.”), and after the cryptic and atmospheric interlude titled Spectral Voices the quarter returns in full force with the grim Bleeding, offering our ears a fusion of blast beats and demonic roars with serene key notes and a sense of hopelessness. Furthermore, the music feels very theatrical from start to finish, with Cristian and Gabriel hammering their stringed axes beautifully in what’s perhaps the creepiest of all songs from the album. And once again with Cristian delivering a solid riffage while Martin keeps the ambience as phantasmagorical as it can be, When the Candles Burn is a slow and steady tune presenting elements from Doom Metal, spearheaded by the scorching gnarls by Giselle.

The interesting ¡Oh… Muerte! is a lugubrious composition led by Martin’s melancholic keys and piano notes where Giselle “abandons” her demonic side and cleanly and stunningly declaims the song’s poetic words in her mother tongue, setting the tone for Beyond the Astral Boundaries, a dark, epic and imposing instrumental extravaganza where Cristian delivers at the same time scorching riffs and intricate beats and fills while Gabriel brings the groove with his bass jabs. In The Hunter we face more of their infernal words powerfully vociferated by Giselle (“I found myself, / In the darkness of my fears. / I become my demons. / And like a wild bird, / Into the forest I sheltered.”), with the entire band generating a fantastic hybrid of Symphonic Gothic and Black Metal with classic Doom Metal with their respective instruments, before another round of vampiric metal music penetrates deep inside our damned souls in the title-track The Souls Pit, where Giselle keeps growling nonstop accompanied by the vicious beats by Martin and the always sulfurous guitar lines by Cristian.

If your souls gets darker and your blood flows stronger through your body to the sound of Gothic and Black Metal, you should definitely give Dreams In Darkness a chance by listening to The Souls Pit in full on YouTube and on Spotify, as well as by following the band on Facebook and on Instagram, by subscribing to their YouTube channel, and by grabbing your copy of their newborn spawn from Apple Music or from Amazon, darkening the skies of heavy music even more. It’s not everyday that we have the pleasure of listening to metal bands from Argentina here on The Headbanging Moose, especially ones as obscure and cryptic as Dreams In Darkness, but whenever that happens we’re always happy to see South American extreme music is alive and kicking, proving once again why the continent has some of the craziest and most passionate fans in the world and why we should keep turning our attention to underground bands like those talented Argentinian vampires.

Best moments of the album: Dark Silence… Desolation and The Hunter.

Worst moments of the album: When the Candles Burn.

Released in 2020 Shadows of Death Records

Track listing
1. Carrion for the Vultures 4:43
2. Dark Silence… Desolation 6:08
3. Spectral Voices 1:38
4. Bleeding 7:30
5. When the Candles Burn 7:03
6. ¡Oh… Muerte! 3:12
7. Beyond the Astral Boundaries 4:09
8. The Hunter 8:28
9. The Souls Pit 5:17

Limited Edition CD Jewel Case bonus track
10. The Souls Pit (Demo) 5:20

Band members
Giselle Stoker – lead vocals
Martin Tenebris – keyboards, vocals
Cristian Bertrand – guitars, drums
Gabriel Nonasco – bass

Album Review – Prion / Aberrant Calamity (2019)

Erupting from the warped heart of chaos, here comes a roaring Argentinian Death Metal horde armed with their brand new and extremely brutal album.

Erupting from the warped heart of chaos, here comes a roaring, screaming and slithering mass of nightmares named Prion, a Death Metal horde formed in the distant year of 1994 in the city of Buenos Aires, the capital of the always vibrant Argentina, tearing down the doors which guard your sanity, and letting loose every childhood fear kept locked away in darkness and drown your dreams in terror. Four years after the release of the excellent album Uncertain Process, from 2015, Prion are back even more enraged and vile than before, unleashing upon our damned souls their brand new, rip-roaring full-length album Aberrant Calamity, a lesson in sheer brutality highly recommended for diehard fans of Immolation, Krisiun, Hate Eternal and Morbid Angel.

Comprised of Gregorio Kochian on vocals and guitar, Walter Barrionuevo on bass and Flavio Coscarella on drums, Prion take no prisoners in their quest for old school Death Metal, adding absolutely zero artificial elements to their crushing sonority. Featuring a phantasmagorical and creepy cover art by Italian artist Marco Hasmann (Comatose Music), Aberrant Calamity is a precise and thunderous album of classic Death Metal where all three band members are in absolute fire and in total sync from start to finish, putting a huge smile on the faces of not only the fans of the band, but also to newcomers to the world of Prion who love when a band transforms their instruments into weapons of total annihilation.

It’s quite impressive how crisp, vibrant and raw the trio sounds from the very first second in the opening track Fictitious Form of Stability, with Flavio beginning his onrush of blast and furious beats à la Krisiun while Gregorio is a beast both with his demented riffs and his infernal growls; and as demolishing and intricate as the opening track, Irreversible Ways brings some Brutal Death Metal for the masses, with poetry and violence walking hand in hand in its lyrics (“So much real the time proceeds / without ask. Everything born and die, / we are not exempt from that. / Accelerating the natural course of the things. / Life disorders! / The malformed system now is out of control, / till our non existence.”). Following such smashing start, the rumbling bass punches by Walter will hammer your head mercilessly in I Remembered to Breathe, a sonic devastation that lives up to the legacy of old school Death Metal (and don’t forget to check their playthrough version HERE).

Apparently Flavio never gets tired of smashing his drums like a maniac, which is the case in Unable to Discern, an imposing Death Metal tune that feels at times like a “Death Metal Opera” (if that exists, of course), where Gregorio keeps vociferating rabidly and deeply in a true lesson in extreme music by this evil triumvirate from Argentina. Then get ready to slam into the circle pit to an avalanche of violent and technical sounds in Over the Asphalt of a New Era, with Gregorio and Walter extracting thunderous lines from their stringed weapons and, therefore, generating some unstoppable action for our avid ears and bodies. As you might have already noticed, there’s no time to breathe in Aberrant Calamity, with the dark, headbanging massacre entitled I’m Jonah, Sacrifice Me, led by Gregorio’s sharp riffs (and who also screeches like a demonic entity, by the way) sounding inspired by the greatest of the genre like Morbid Angel, Death and especially Prion’s neighbors Krisiun; whereas Pathological Self Destruction starts as obscure as possible, suddenly exploding into vile and infernal Death Metal where Flavio is once again precise and berserk on drums, generating a Stygian atmosphere perfect for Gregorio’s deep roars.

Are you tired already? Because there’s still more pulverizing Death Metal sounds made in Argentina for our total delight starting with Observed Relativity, showcasing a demented performance by Flavio on drums supported by Walter’s metallic bass, recommended for crushing your damned skull into the circle pit. The Hesse Paradox is another solid and demented display of extreme music brought forth by the trio, spearheaded by the scorching riffs by Gregorio while Walter and Flavio show no mercy for their instruments, sounding visceral and disturbing just the way we like it. And closing the album on a demolishing note to the detailed and potent beats by Flavio we have Slow Down, a song about our society’s cult of rush (“We live in the age of speed. / We strain to be more efficient, / to cram more into each minute, / each hour, each day of the existence.”) that will leave countless bodies on the floor after all is said and done.

If I were you, and especially if you’re an admirer of the pulverizing sounds of old school Death Metal, I would definitely take a good listen at Aberrant Calamity in full on YouTube or on Spotify, follow the band on Facebook, subscribe to their YouTube channel, and buy a copy of this fantastic album of Argentinian Death Metal from the band’s own BandCamp page or from Comatose Music’s BandCamp or webstore, as well as from Apple Music, Amazon or Discogs. There’s a very good reason why Prion have been proudly carrying the flag of classic Death Metal high for decades already, and that’s simply because those talented and obstinate Argentinian musicians breathe and live Death Metal, with Aberrant Calamity representing their boiling blood flowing through their metal hearts.

Best moments of the album: Irreversible Ways, Unable to Discern and Pathological Self Destruction.

Worst moments of the album: None.

Released in 2019 Comatose Music

Track listing
1. Fictitious Form of Stability 4:33
2. Irreversible Ways 4:33
3. I Remembered to Breathe 5:12
4. Unable to Discern 4:36
5. Over the Asphalt of a New Era 4:09
6. I’m Jonah, Sacrifice Me 4:47
7. Pathological Self Destruction 4:28
8. Observed Relativity 5:10
9. The Hesse Paradox 4:33
10. Slow Down 4:40

Band members
Gregorio Kochian – vocals, guitars
Walter Barrionuevo – bass
Flavio Coscarella – drums

Album Review – Preludio Ancestral / Oblivion (2018)

A magnificent opus of epic-painted Power Metal with symphonic arrangements and amazing guitar work, where various guest musicians help give form to an album that will be a delight for any lover of the genre.

Formed back in 2005 by guitarist Leonardo Gatti in San Miguel, a city in the northwest region of Greater Buenos Aires located around 30km from the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Symphonic Power Metal band Preludio Ancestral has been making a name for themselves since their inception with a steady flow of high-quality releases, starting with the EP Silencio and the full-length album Hacia lo Inmortal, both in 2012, followed by the 2013 EP Putrefaction, the 2015 album Kybalion, and the 2016 album El Misterio de la Pasión Divina, gaining strong recognition not only in their native country, where they even opened for acts like Rhapsody of Fire and Stratovarius, but also everywhere where the epicness and electricity of Power Metal are admired.

Now in 2018 the band comprised of the aforementioned Leo Gatti on the guitars and keyboards, Ari Katajamäki on bass and Diego Camaño on drums are set to release a brand new album titled Oblivion, a magnificent opus of epic-painted Power Metal with symphonic arrangements and an awesome guitar work, where various guest musicians hailing from different parts of Argentina and Europe give form to an album that will be a delight for any lover of the genre. As a matter of fact, due to the fact that almost every song of the album has a different lead singer, Oblivion feels like three or four album in one, with the music always remaining fresh and captivating throughout its 10 distinct songs (or 12 if you purchase the special Japanese edition of the album).

Presagio is a cinematic intro that takes you to the world of Preludio Ancestral, where the flammable sound of the guitar by Leo and the unstoppable beats by Diego are joined by Alessio Perardi on vocals in King of Silence, a classic Melodic Power Metal tune the likes of Dragonforce and Stratovarius; followed by Storm, a Power Metal extravaganza led by the intricate drums by Diego with Enzo Donnarumma taking the vocal duties, while Leo and Ari bring tons of melody and feeling to the musicality. And Alessio is back on vocals for a fast and harmonious exhibit of modern-day Melodic Metal named Fear of Falling, showcasing all elements we love in this type of music. Furthermore, Ari is simply fantastic with his bass, smashing his strings mercilessly while guest keyboardist Gabliel Crisafulli embellishes the overall sound with his kick-ass solo.

With Fran Vázquez on vocals, Preludio Ancestral offer a mid-tempo, melodic tune titled Ready to Rock, leaning towards the darker and deeper metal crafted by icons such as Dio and Saxon. Moreover, can you feel those beats pounding inside your mind? Moving on with the album, the title-track Oblivion, featuring Juan Pablo Kilberg on vocals, could be part of a concept album due to its initial narration and pace, morphing into straightforward Power Metal the likes of Helloween and the early days of Sonata Arctica, with Juan Pablo also delivering a crisp guitar solo to make things even more epic. Then it’s time to slow things down a bit with a power ballad titled Universal Love, presenting more of the voice of Alessio Perardi, passionate solos by Leo and a dense background, but unfortunately with the overall result falling flat after a while.

In Reflection in the Wind they get back to a faster and more slashing musicality, presenting a solid instrumental base by Leo, Ari and Diego that sets the perfect stage for Kimmo Perämäki to thrive on vocals. This is one of those songs to sing along with the band wherever you are, not to mention another spectacular keyboard solo by Gabliel Crisafulli. In Dust World, a classic mid-tempo tune led by the powerful riffs by Leo, Alessio Perardi returns for one last breath of his potent vocals, while Ari and Diego keep the atmosphere as thunderous as it can be, before the closing act in Oblivion, titled Metal Walls, brings Daniel García on vocals in what can be considered the most modernized of all tracks, displaying elements from distinguished styles such as Alternative, Industrial, Dark Metal and Hard Rock, and let me tall you that the final result is above all expectations, in special due to the amazing job done by Leo on keyboards.

In summary, Oblivion (available for a full listen on Spotify) will not only cement the name of Preludio Ancestral as one of the best and most professional bands from this new wave of Symphonic and Power Metal in their homeland, but it will also help the band spread their wings and reach higher grounds in the world of heavy music. And if you wan to show your honest support to such up-and-coming act, simply go check their Facebook page and YouTube channel for news and other shenanigans, and purchase Oblivion through the band’s own BandCamp page, through the Xtreem Music webstore, through the Spiritual Beast webstore, or on Amazon. May the power of Heavy Metal be with Preludio Ancestral anywhere they go, and may other bands from Argentina and South America follow their steps and deliver more metal music to fans tired of having bad and fake music shoveled down their throats by their local TV shows, radio stations, and websites.

Best moments of the album: King of Silence, Fear of Falling and Reflection in the Wind.

Worst moments of the album: Universal Love.

Released in 2018 Fighter Records/Spiritual Beast

Track listing
1. Presagio 1:04
2. King of Silence 3:49
3. Storm 4:02
4. Fear of Falling 4:30
5. Ready to Rock 3:45
6. Oblivion 5:07
7. Universal Love 4:24
8. Reflection in the Wind 3:31
9. Dust World 4:49
10. Metal Walls 5:35 

Japanese Edition bonus tracks
11. Like A Star (New Version) 3:31
12. No Man’s Land 3:27

Band members
Leonardo Gatti – guitars, keyboards
Ari Katajamäki – bass
Diego Camaño – drums

Guest musicians
Alessio Perardi – vocals on “King of Silence”, “Dust World”, “Fear of Falling” and “Universal Love”
Fran Vázquez – vocals on “Ready to Rock”
Daniel García – vocals on “Metal Walls”
Juan Pablo Kilberg – vocals on “Oblivion”
Raffaele Raffo Albanese – vocals on “No Man’s Land”
Kimmo Perämäki – vocals on “Reflection in the Wind”
Enzo Donnarumma – vocals on “Storm”
Gabliel Crisafulli – keyboards solos on “Oblivion”, “Reflection in the Wind” and “Fear of Falling”
Juan Pablo Kilberg – guitar solos on “Oblivion”
José Paz – keyboards on “Presagio”

Album Review – Lanthanein / Nocturnálgica EP (2015)

Beautiful classical music for headbangers by a promising Doom Death/Gothic Metal band from Argentina.


coverArising from the city of Córdoba, Argentina, Doom Death/Gothic Metal band Lanthanein are releasing their first EP entitled Nocturnálgica, which is not only a good preview of their upcoming debut album Lágrimas (or “tears”, in English), but also an excellent option for fans of dusky and thoughtful music. Formed in early 2015 by soprano Marilí Portorrico and multi-instrumentalist Juan Mansilla (also known as A.N.XIIIU.X), this is a promising metal project that will help elevate the name of Argentina in the world of heavy music.

The music by Lanthanein is beautifully inspired by the drama of classical music and the sound of the 90’s, surrounded by powerful orchestrations and delicate vocals. This interesting fusion of styles, accentuated by the professionalism and passion of the musicians involved, ends up generating a dense ambience and a magnificent balance between darkness and light, therefore making the whole experience of listening to Nocturnálgica a lot more memorable. And, of course, the uniqueness of all songs being sung in Spanish, their mother tongue.

Just the intro of the opening track, Lágrimas De Luna (“tears of moon”), is already enough to showcase how Gothic their music is. The female vocals by Marilí seem inspired by divas such as Tarja Turunen and Vibeke Stene, while the instrumental blends elements from Lacrimosa and classical music, creating a deep and embracing atmosphere which becomes even stronger during the song’s gentle piano passages.

11328692_694320864013109_117723313_oThe growls by A.N.XIIIU.X introduce us to the title-track Nocturnálgica, an amazing Doom/Gothic Metal exhibit with highlights to its intense lyrics (“Agreste paisaje el de este día / en que la fortuna fue ausente, / el silencio cruel fue de muerte / Agreste la noche que se aproxima / fecundando sueños con tragedia”) and to the great teamwork by the operatic, harsh and choir voices. Moreover, the orchestrations complement the song in a beautiful and compelling way, turning it into a delightful soundtrack of sorrow.

A Orillas Del Silencio (“on the shores of silence”) is a very obscure and passionate tune which rhythm reminds me of some of the biggest classics by Gothic Metal icons Tristania. It focuses on its orchestral side a lot more than its metallic one, which ends up emphasizing another excellent vocal performance by Marilí. And last but not least, closing the EP we have more agony in Lacrimosa Et Gementem (Latin for “weeping and moaning”), where love (in the form of the gentle vocals by Marilí) and torment (portrayed by the power of the backing vocals and choir) are united by the band’s cohesive musicality. In my opinion, this is hands down the best track of the EP, leaving us eager for more of their music in their upcoming full-length album.

In summary, the interesting Noturnálgica, available at the band’s official BandCamp page, is highly recommended for all types of singers, fans of classical music and, of course, metalheads in pursuit of heavy music where melancholy and tranquility are its main elements. In other words, what Lanthanein offer us all is a heavier version of classical music tailored for headbangers but without overdoing any of its core aspects, remaining loyal to the foundations of Gothic Metal while at the same time adding their own touch and experiences to it, something we always expect from emerging bands no matter what type of music they play.

Best moments of the album: Lacrimosa Et Gementem.

Worst moments of the album: None.

Released in 2015 Independent

Track listing
1. Lágrimas De Luna 5:07
2. Nocturnálgica 4:05
3. A Orillas Del Silencio 5:40
4. Lacrimosa Et Gementem 6:09

Band members
Marilí Portorrico – female voice and choir
A.N.XIIIU.X – guttural, tenor, guitars and bass

Additional musicians
Ailén Ceballos – sopranos and altos
Hilen Blesio – sopranos and altos
Ramiro Morales – tenor
Guillermo Apfelbaum – bass